Apps to Install on a New Amazon Fire Tv for Entertainment

Apps to Install on a New Amazon Fire Tv for Entertainment : Amazon Fire tv stick is a new way of unlocking entertainment and improving your overall experience. You can upgrade your fire tv stick by downloading apps.

Yes, similar to mobile apps you can now download and install different apps for your fire tv stick.

Amazon Firetv Stick: A Revolution in Our Home Entertainment

Amazon is one of the most successful companies today. The owner of the company Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world.

Amazon launched fire tv in 2014 with a vision to take home entertainment to next level. Other apps like Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu Plus were launched in response to this.

It took advantage of people dissatisfaction with cable tv networks and they provided a better user experience and picture quality to them. Moreover, then online videos were in great trend and hence this launch was successful.

They had launched several types of it for people to choose according to their choice and preference. For example, Fire TV (4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote), the Fire TV Cube, the Fire TV Stick, and smart-TVs licensed by Fire TV.

Moreover, it allows users to download several apps like Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime video, etc. The best part of this is that it is a convenient, all-in-one entertainment solution for its customers.

Top 15 Apps to Download

  1. Kodi

    Kodi is a must to have streaming app. It is a media player that runs on every kind of OS and mobile device. You can install Kodi on fire tv and android devices.It is a treasure box that unfolds several layers of entertainment, for example, movies, videos, cartoons, news, sports, online shows, and any other streaming videos.

  2. Netflix

    Netflix is popular entertainment apps. It has multiple tv shows, some are Netflix original. You can enjoy several web series, tv shows, movies, sports, and any other form of entertainment.It is a paid service but worth spending every penny. Therefore, if you are a binge-watcher you can install this app for sure.

  3. YouTube

    YouTube is a collection of videos and the largest video app out there. Moreover, there is barely anyone who doesn’t know YouTube. It has videos on almost all content, for instance, cooking, health, entertainment, news, funny videos, or even study videos.By downloading this app, you can watch your favorite videos online on a larger screen.

  4. Spotify

    Do you want to hear music on your TV? Well, with Spotify this is possible. With this app, you can listen to thousands of songs, English, Hindi, or any language on one platform.

  5. Disney+

    Do this need any introduction? I mean everyone is familiar with Disney whether it is kids or adults. From cartoons, movies to shows everything is loved by people. No wonder, why Disney has opened its own wonderland.Well, Disney+ is one of the best movie apps for you to download. With a paid subscription, you can gain access to the content of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and even National Geographic.

  6. Twitch

    Are you a twitch user? Well, you can even watch your favorite streamers’ videos on a big screen with this app. All you have to install this app, then log in using your credentials, and voila!Start watching your favorite gamer streaming videos.

  7. IpvanishVPN

    VPN is an important app for you to ensure your data privacy and safety while watching videos. It has numerous benefits:

      • Protect your data from data phishing or government surveillance.
      • Hides your identity over the internet by switching your IP address with a remote server.
      • Encrypts your data and acts as a channel between you and your destination file.
      • Saves you from data bandwidth and provides you unlimited bandwidth.
      • Helps you to gain access to geo-restricted apps, videos, or features.

    IpvanishVPN is one of the best VPN for fire tv sticks. You can easily download this on your fire tv stick.

  8. HBO Now

    HBO Now is a favorite app among users for streaming several videos from multiple servers. You can also download this on your fire tv stick.

  9. Crunchyroll

    Are you a Japanese anime fan? Well, we also have something for you. You can watch all of your favorite and going-to-be favorite anime on your tv. The best part of this app is that it translates these anime series and shows you them in your language.

    Simply download this app from your Amazon play store and you will gain access to multiple animes.

  10. Crackle

    Crackle is another app for you to download. It is from Sony Entertainment and is free and hosts all award-winning shows and movies. Moreover, you can set parental controls for your kids.

  11. BBCNews

    Want to latest update about the world? Well, here is one for you BBC news. By downloading this app, you will gain access to various streaming videos along with news articles.

  12. Ditto TV

    This app enables you to watch various TV channels on your amazon fire tv stick. These apps broadcast most of the tv channels for only Rs 20 per month.

  13. Downloader

    There are many apps from this list or which you will want to download but won’t is available on the play store. For this, you can download the Downloader app. This app will help you to download several apps on your fire tv sticks.

  14. VLC media

    Many videos won’t work on your Amazon fire tv stick, preloaded media players. Your all-time favorite VLC Media is now available on your fire tv stick. As you know it supports all types of video formats.

  15. Ganna

    This app’s name speaks about it. Yes, this app has all-time favorites to the latest favorite songs for you to listen to.

How Many Apps are Supported by the Amazon Tv Store?

Amazon tv store supports more than 12,386 apps till now. Out of which 15% are free and 85% are paid ones.


Amazon fire tv stick is a new revolution in TV cable. It changes the way you see your TV forever. With this, you don’t have to use the same cable operator that provides low-quality videos.

Moreover, you can watch your all-favorite shows, web series, or apps on your TV. So, try out these apps on your fire tv and boost your entertainment.

Do comment on your favorite apps in the comment section.






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