Are You Doing the Right Exercises?

Are You Doing the Right Exercises? : When exercising, the most important question is whether you are doing the right exercises. The best way to know if you are doing the right exercises is to hire the services of a fitness trainer. And if you don’t have the budget for that, make a point of watching Youtube tutorials.

Alternatively, you can gauge whether you are doing the right exercises by the reactions from your body. This blog post explores various ways to know whether you are doing the right exercises and some popular exercises you can adopt in your routine.

How Do You Know that You are Doing the Right Exercises?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, sometimes it can be challenging to determine whether the exercises you are doing are beneficial or doing harm to your body. Fortunately, there are some signs you can look out for that will show that your workout regime is working for you.

Your Beginner Exercises Feel Simple

At the start of your exercises, even the simplest exercises feel hard and wear you out faster. But as you proceed, the workouts start getting easier. This indicates that your body has gotten used to them, and it’s time to incorporate more advanced exercises into your routine.

For instance, planks and squats are a must for every beginner. But as you proceed, you will find that staying in a plank position for one minute is simple, so it’s best to increase the time by 30 seconds or another minute. You also need to increase the number of squats and reps.

You Feel Better After Your Exercise Session

After your exercise session, you should feel energized instead of exhausted or drained, but if this is the case, you should work on tweaking the types of exercises, intensity levels, and routine. Please don’t overdo it; work on your body slowly and keep adjusting the reps as your body adjusts.

You Were Able to Increase Your Weight Limit

Weightlifting should be part of your exercise regime to gain, tone, or build muscle. However, it would be best to learn to challenge yourself by increasing the weight limit to evaluate your strength development.

Weightlifting also helps in muscle growth, improved posture, and flexibility. So with every exercise session, you must challenge your weight limit. However, this must be done in the presence of a personal trainer to avoid injuries.

You Have Improved Your Form

You’re on the right track if your form and technique have become more efficient with each workout. Perfecting your body’s movements can help create a stronger foundation, allowing the exercise technique to benefit your body. This means that even if your weight hasn’t increased or decreased, you are still progressing by improving your performance in different exercises instead of just going through the motions.

You’ve Lost Weight

Weight loss is one of the most significant indicators of an effective exercise regimen. If all other factors, such as nutrition and rest, have been accounted for, yet no changes in size or shape occur, then you need to evaluate your exercises.

For instance, You can increase the time spent doing cardiovascular activities, walking, running, and cycling. But remember to incorporate toning exercises, as otherwise, you’d be left with sagging skin.

You Feel More Physically and Mentally Fit

Physical fitness isn’t just about how much weight we can lift or how fast we can run; it also includes mental strength. This refers to your ability to develop emotional resilience and stress management, which will help you manage challenges in the outside world.

So, if you feel happier and healthier after your exercise session, it is a sign that you are doing the right exercises. Diet and sleep also play a crucial role in physical and mental health.

Your Sleeping Pattern Has Improved

Exercising regularly not only helps us feel better during the day but also aids in providing us with a better quality of sleep at night.

Exercise improves blood circulation and triggers the release of chemicals like endorphins that contribute to relaxation, allowing the mind to unwind before bedtime. This will enable you to get deep and relaxing sleep, ensuring that you wake feeling motivated and energized.

Enhanced Balance and Coordination

Yoga and Tai chi may seem simple, but they require lots of balance and coordination, which many people lack. In the beginning, you will fall due to a lack of balance and may be unable to keep up with your instructor.

However, as time passes, you’ll notice that you can maintain yoga poses and keep up with your instructor. This shows that it’s the proper exercise for you. These two exercises are very important as they enhance self-awareness and flexibility. And they are also good for your mental health as they require high concentration and focus.

Your Muscles are Sore

When you exercise hard and push yourself to the limits, it is normal to feel sore the next day. This means that when done correctly, your muscles will start adapting to the new workout program you have created. However, if you start feeling pain in your muscles and ligaments immediately, it’s a sign that the exercise was not right for you or you overdid.

So, before any workout, you must stretch to loosen up your muscles and get ready for your exercise, Do the same after your workout. And take regular breaks in between your exercises.

What are Some of the Popular Forms of Exercise?

There are different types of exercises, and your choice will depend on your preference and goals. Some popular forms of workouts include:

  • Aerobic activities such as running, swimming, and biking
  • Resistance training using weights like kettlebells
  • Strength exercises, such as double kettlebell swings
  • Various forms of yoga, including pilates, stretching, or flexibility routines
  • Martial arts training like karate, taekwondo, and judo
  • Boxing

No matter what exercise you choose, you must ensure it fits into your lifestyle; it’s enjoyable, challenging, and delivers desired results.


Whether new to exercises or a seasoned athlete, you must ensure you do the correct exercises to get the best results and avoid injuries. When starting, seek a trainer to guide you through beginner-level exercises. The tips above will help determine if you are doing the right exercises.




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Are You Doing the Right Exercises?

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