Are You Wasting Major Part Of Your Morning In Releasing The Waste From Your Body? Here Are 6 Ways To Make It Easier For You

Are You Wasting Major Part Of Your Morning In Releasing The Waste From Your Body? A good morning routine is necessary to fully wake up and become energetic enough to seize the day. This includes micro-managing the time taken from waking up to getting ready before finally heading out for work or other activities.

The most important part of the morning routine is the time taken in the bathroom. This includes brushing your teeth, going to release waste, washing your face, shaving, or showering. Here, we will focus on waste release and how you can save time in doing so.

Regular bowel movement is as necessary as other bodily functions and is rarely discussed. Moreover, the significance of waste removal increases after reaching a particular stage in life.

Why Should You Speed Up Your Morning Routine?  

Usually, it is not always easy for someone to wake up on time without setting off multiple alarms. Although there are people who are naturally morning people, some are just not. As a result, you may be looking forward to minimizing the bathroom time as much as possible to head out quickly.

Incidentally, you must have at least 7-9 hours of sleep to have a healthy start to the day. Sleep deprivation has a substantial impact on irregular bowel movements and can mess with its schedule.

Hence, you may want to consult your doctor if your sleeping habits are unhealthy. They might either monitor your sleep or prescribe sleeping pills if you have a genuine problem.

Naturally, the colon should become active as soon as you wake up. Hence, the desire to clear your stomach is the most during the mornings. However, this can change if you do not have a proper sleep schedule.

Top 6 Ways to Speed up Your Morning Schedule  

The longer you take to release waste from your body, the more chances you have towards developing a health condition. Constipation is the most common health condition faced by people with a bad diet or lack of exercise.

Therefore, go through the following section to learn and understand how you can adopt a healthy change.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

    Drinking water helps the body to pass waste easily. Accordingly, adding fiber-rich food to your diet assists in proper bowel movements. For fiber, you can eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole-grain bread, and more.

    Accordingly, you should refrain from consuming foods like alcoholic beverages, caffeinated drinks like coffee, foods including sugar alcohols, fat-based food items, and too spicy delicacies.

    The fiber in your diet will shape the stool, and the water will make it easier for it to be excreted. Hence, both play an essential role and regulate the waste removal of your body.

  1. Maintain Correct Posture in the Washroom

    There is indeed a correct position to release waste in an effective way. Generally, most people sit in the toilet seat as they would sit in a chair. However, this is not the way to go about business.

    Correct Bathroom Posture
    Correct Bathroom Posture

    Sitting on the seat with your back vertical to the seat strains the body to exert more force. The correct position is to lift your legs so that the ‘knot’ of your colon is relaxed and makes the release easier.

    You can do this by purchasing a toilet-stool for a comfortable bowel movement. Keep your knees higher than your hips, and maintain an erect posture.

  1. Exercise

    Physical activity helps with body motion that helps in better stool development. Any form of activity can help you to release stool better. Your intestines have built themselves a neutral motion that moves the feces forward.

    Additionally, deep twists and stretches help stimulate the digestive system as well. Therefore, you can practice yoga, as well.

    As a good habit, make sure that you take short walks after every meal so that the food is digested properly. This helps the intestines to process food faster and promotes good bowel movements.

  1. Use a Stool Softener

    Some people face a medical condition where their stool is not appropriately developed enough for it to be excreted. As a result, it may take longer hours for them to release waste from their body.

    Hence, they should consult a doctor who will then prescribe a change in diet, medicines, or a stool softener. Generally, the common reason for this condition is dehydration.

    The stool softener helps the stool to become wet and easy for it to be removed. Always try to increase your water intake and add fiber to your diet. This will help to do the job naturally without the need for a stool softener.

  1. Improper Consumption of Laxatives

    Irregular bowel movements can urge some people to take laxatives for excretion. Although a temporary solution, it can have long-lasting effects. Some of its side effects include dizziness, severe cramps or pain, bloody stools, and rectal bleeding.

    Therefore, laxatives can worsen constipation symptoms if taken incorrectly. You should use them only when advised by a doctor. There are various laxatives available off the counter as well, but you should only buy them when prescribed.

  1. Maintain a Time Schedule

    Try going to the toilet at the same time every day to adjust your body clock. Over time, your body will understand that you need to go to the loo at that time only. This will assist in regular bowel movements and significantly speed up your morning routine.

    Do not forget to make a schedule for your eating habits as well. It may take some time, but you will naturally adjust to this new schedule. As a result, you will have command over your bowel movements at your convenience.


To summarise, a speedy morning routine is directly linked to various health benefits. You will be able to manage your time and live healthily as well. Also, remember to add fiber to your diet but slowly and steadily. High amounts of fiber have ill-effects as well.

Drink plenty of water from time to time. This will not only protect you from dehydration but benefit you in other bodily functions as well.

Accordingly, exercise and move around more often to stay active. These will help you to regulate your bowel movements and shorten your morning routine to a great extent.



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Are You Wasting Major Part Of Your Morning In Releasing The Waste From Your Body? Here Are 6 Ways To Make It Easier For You

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