Be Active

An active life is an ideal life. How can you make your life active? It depends upon you, your attitude and your determination to keep yourself active. Just a lot of jogging, exercise, yog practices may not make you active if you just go to bed or relax for a long period keeping yourself lazy thereafter. To remain active, you need to interlace some regular exercise into your daily activity.
Globalization has done much good, and though it’s made us more aware of our health, it’s also creating the stress which is ruining us. Youngsters are found to be workaholics with little physical activity, unhealthy eating habits and heavy indulgence in alcohol and cigarettes. A combination of all these factors is making you prone to health disorders earlier in life, but many of these diseases can be prevented by following a regular fitness regime.

All you need to do is to take out 30-40 minutes everyday for your body. You can choose from many physical activities like aerobics exercises, brisk walking, jogging, cycling, power yoga, or swimming, as you like. Out of all fitness activities, walking as a form of workout beats every activity hands down! Some experts even opine that taking roughly 10,000 steps per day can keep a check on heart diseases, stroke, breast cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, by reducing body fat, maintaining ideal body weight and a sense of mental well-being.

Fitness is something that you reel from within. It is not something that you can see in the mirror. Exercise is the spark and nutrition is the fuel. Our body has been made for activity and exercise by nature. But how can you be more physically active? You need to make physical activity part of your daily routine. Try cycling to work at least once a week, use the stairs more often or walk to do errands near home. Find an activity that you enjoy, and stay with it. Vary it with other activities, so you don’t get bored. For example, walk three days a week and switch to swimming on other days. Join a basketball league for fun and exercise. By finding more activities you enjoy, you’ll have a greater chance for success.

If you own a vehicle, park at the far end of a parking lot and walk, get off public transportation a few blocks before you stop, get up from your desk during the day to stretch and walk around, take a brisk walk when you get the urge to snack, increase your pace when working in the house/yard, mow your own lawn, carry your own groceries. It will make your life enjoyable and you will gain health simultaneously.

Be Happy – Be Active.