Be Creative

To feel true happiness of the heart, you need to give up feelings of your depression forcefully and turn yourself to some creative job to keep yourself busy. You know, even cleaning a floor or re-visiting your library to go through some good book can be a tremendously creative act. Creativity has no creative act itself. It has nothing to do with any particular work but with the quality of your consciousness. Whatever you do can become creativity if you put in your heart and soul.

Creativity means enjoying any work as doing any work with deep love. When you paint over something at your home – it may an old cupboard, your book shelf or some table etc., you may perhaps not feel that you are doing some creative job. But you are doing it. Painting is just as ordinary as ordinary as cleaning the floor. You will be throwing colours on a canvas. Here you go on washing and cleaning the floor. What is the difference? It is a better utilization of the time which would have gone waste. Talking to a friend, a little gossiping is perfectly beautiful. Be creative. You would like to write a book to compile your thoughts and/or hearsay from any other one, you will be creative.

All the great scriptures are nothing but conversations of people who were creative. What you do conversing meaningfully with some one, it will become memories some other day, but originally these are conversations. Since you both enjoy doing them, it is creative.

A person of mature understanding is continuously creative. Not that he/she is trying to be creative. Every action he/she takes is a creative act. Follow him/her, review his/her acts and adopt the merits therein. It would also be creative.

To provide an appropriate environment to the creativity, you need to give up your ego. Life consists of small things; just when your ego goes on saying these are small things, you may not be able to do creativity. You may like to do some great thing – great poetry. You may like to become Shakespeare, Kalidas or Milton. It is your feelings of weakness that may restrain and create the trouble. Drop the negative feelings and everything is creative. Then everything is tremendously great. If you don’t love, then your ego goes on saying, “This is not worthy of you.”- your weak feelings may say that you won’t be able to do this thing, that thing and one day, you will end up doing nothing. Therefore, take it that every small job is great. You must love doing anything. You will become great one day and you will be happy again!