Be Happy – You Can Stipulate Your Own Dreams to Succeed.

Everyone of us wishes to be successful in the life. A professional person seeks success in the assignments as any failure can put him/her in doubtful position for the next assignment. A businessman needs success to avoid depreciation not only in the capital being invested in the business but also the goodwill and efforts to go wasted. An employee requires success for the stability of the job and further promotion. An investor is always desirous of getting success in his investment to ensure that the investments remain secured and yield handsome returns.
What do you mean with success? It is the fact that you have achieved something that you want and have been trying to do or get; the fact of becoming rich or famous or of getting a high social position: What’s the secret of your success? I can say that I didn’t have much success in finding a job. Confidence is the key to success. As commercial / economic / electoral success, their plan will probably meet with little success. She was surprised by the book’s success (= that it had sold a lot of copies). Or, you can say that they didn’t have much success in life. The party was a big success. • He’s proud of his daughter’s successes. • She wasn’t a success as a teacher. • He was determined to make a success of the business.

Success does not come suddenly. Usually, it seeks a lot of planning, organizing the resources but truly efforts are undertaken to accomplish some dream and a dream is simply something that you want. And where do dreams come from? You make them up. Some are based on needs such as putting healthy food on the table or sending your kids to a good school.

Some of them are based on desires such as writing a book, buying a home, or traveling to an exotic location. But by far, the most profound dreams are those that are the expression of your life’s purpose.

* You have to have a dream to have a dream come true.
* Trust your intuition and follow your heart.

* Every resource you need is available to you.

* Believing in your dream is an essential component.
* There are signs showing you which way to go. Learn to read and act on them.

* There is often lag time between imagining your dream and making it happen.

* You have the ability to make your dreams happen but it will require your willingness to do whatever it takes.

* On the other side of fear are great lessons. Stay more committed to your dream than to your doubt.

* As you complete one dream, it’s time for another. Don’t ever be afraid to cross the finish line. There are always more dreams available.

In the process of dreaming, you visualize something to happen. What is visualization? We may undertake a visualization exercise. Suppose there is a sliding glass door when you enter into an office first time. Imagine that you’re standing with your nose pressed against a glass door, so close to it that your breath is steaming up the glass. You want to see what is on the other side. As you wipe away the steam, you see an ideal place on the other side of the glass. You see your dream. Feel your feet standing on the floor on your side of the glass door, the other side of your dream.

You’re standing in the “Where I Am Now,” where you live with everything that’s happening in your life, including your attitudes and beliefs. Looking through the glass door, you see the beauty on the other side. Is this where you want to be?

Grasp the handle and slide the door open. A gentle, warm breeze comes wafting in, and there’s a delicious smell in the air. As you gaze around, you see every¬thing on the other side that you want, everything that’s in your dream, and everything you’re committed to having.

Your family is there, too, your friends, your dream home, your dream life. All the elements of your dream are there, right on the other side of the threshold.

Notice where you are versus where you want to be. All you need to do to get to the other side is make the commitment and step across. Ask yourself, “Is this what I want? Will I commit to this?” If the answer is “Yes,” lift your foot and step through.

Here’s a positive affirmation you can write down and repeat to yourself when you need a quick burst of inspiration…

“I believe in my ability to make my dreams a reality. Though the path may wind at times, and I may not always feel as though I am making as fast a progress as I would like. I know without a doubt that I will achieve my hearts desire.
Challenges are but opportunities to teach me what is necessary to get to where I want to be. As I overcome whatever adversity is in front of me I become better, stronger, and more prepared to meet with the eventual success which will be mine.”

If you give a serious thought to the above, you may be able to stipulate your own dreams to succeed. Here, it is a warning for you – you must have your own dreams. Don’t copy others’. It is possible that the other one might be living in different set of the circumstances and your assumptions, your circumstances and your resources may not match well with those the other one may have around him/her.

Be Happy – You Can Stipulate Your Own Dreams to Succeed.