Beach Fitness: How To Stay Fit On Your Vacation

Beach Fitness: How To Stay Fit On Your Vacation
Beach Fitness: How To Stay Fit On Your Vacation

Beach Fitness: How To Stay Fit On Your Vacation : Beach workouts are the perfect way to stay fit on vacation. In fact, simply walking on the sand results in greater weight loss than walking on the pavement (a 5.3cm waist reduction vs. 3cm respectively).

Moreover, beach workouts can also build strength and prevent injury as there’s less impact, while also letting you connect with the natural world. By preparing properly before hitting the beach, you can make sure you get the most out of your workouts while on vacation.

Go barefoot

Why not experience the joys of going barefoot during your beach workouts? Not only is being barefoot on the beach freeing, but it can also give you a better workout. By going barefoot, you’ll use your entire foot, therefore stretching and strengthening muscles you’re not used to using. It also lets your feet move through their full range of motion, which helps ensure better mobility.
When considering whether to go barefoot for your workout, you may want to take note of the sand conditions as it can influence difficulty levels. Hard sand, for example, ensures solid and stable ground, while soft sand is unstable and makes you work harder. So, you may want to opt for sneakers for extra support on soft sand, especially if you’re new to beach workouts. It’s also important to be mindful of your body. If you notice any pain while working out, or if you already have any lower body injuries, you may want to ask your physical therapist or doctor for advice on footwear suitable for exercise.

Get the right workout gear

Your choice of clothing can make or break your beach workouts. Fortunately, by packing swimsuits that double as workout gear, you can be ready for a good sweat session followed by hours of relaxation by the sea. For example, a sport mesh midkini features a high neckline, so you know you’ll have enough coverage for high-impact exercise on the beach. Removable cups are also a helpful feature providing adjustable coverage. Additionally, swim leggings (or swim tights) can help you reach peak performance in water-based workouts. They’re chlorine-resistant and highly-breathable, as well as offer built-in sun protection. And, if you have a larger bust, look for a sports-luxe style bikini which offers enough support. A sporty bikini top with thick band and clasp back-closure, for example, will ensure full support without sacrificing style.

Warm up properly

Always warm up properly before your beach workouts to help your muscles adjust to the sand and reduce injury risk. For example, you could begin by the water’s edge and repeatedly sprint uphill and back down again to warm up your muscles. Start slow and you may also want to spend longer warming up before the first few workouts you do on the beach.
Beach workouts are the ideal way to stay fit while on vacation. By going barefoot, selecting the right workout gear, and warming up properly, you can enjoy your time away without neglecting your fitness goals.




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Beach Fitness: How To Stay Fit On Your Vacation

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