Beautiful Sober Living Homes for Both Men and Women in Recovery

Beautiful Sober Living Homes for Both Men and Women in Recovery : Sometimes, the pathway to recovery from addiction can involve separating from harmful influences as you put your all into giving yourself a new start. For some people in the early stages of recovery from a substance use disorder, that can look like moving from a place that you may associate with drug use into a safer, drug free space.

This is where sober living residencies come in. These residencies are meant to provide transitional housing to men‘s and womens recovery center who are in just this early stage of recovery, providing them with more accountability than they would have living on their own but still offering them more freedom than would a 24/7 inpatient facility, and often at a lower cost.

As opposed to halfway houses, which tend to be more dorm-like and are often government sponsored, sober living homes tend to look and feel much more like “homes.” But they still create a sense of structure by requiring all residents to maintain a completely drug free environment as well as requiring them to adhere to certain guidelines.

Often, these sober living homes are associated with a specific addiction treatment center, as is the case with Delray Beach’s Reco Institute. Associated with Reco Intensive, one of South Florida’s most well-respected addiction treatment centers, these sober living residences are specifically crafted to offer a comforting, home-like environment to those currently enrolled in their intensive outpatient program or who have recently completed it.

Guidelines for residents at the Reco Institute include suggested daily attendance at twelve step meetings, periodic urine screens to ensure continual sobriety, and, as part of Reco’s commitment to paving the way for their clients’ long term recovery and reintegration into society, they suggest that those not currently engaged in a treatment program have a regular job, be actively seeking one, or be otherwise engaged in academics or community service.

Other rules are in place to ensure cleanliness, facilitate clients’ physical and emotional safety, and encourage adherence to a routine and to treatment protocol, both of which can be essential to long-term sobriety. Clients are required to stay in the housing for a minimum length of thirty days to best facilitate their sobriety, with longer stays of forty five to ninety days being relatively common as well.

These sober living homes are staffed by Reco team members, who will also provide the clients with transportation to and from their Reco appointments and to other essential destinations, like the grocery store. Some of these residences are also in walking distance of downtown Delray Beach and all its bustling metropolis can offer or of other convenient shopping centers and eateries.

But aside from all the practical accountability and lifestyle benefits, perhaps the biggest perk that the Reco Institute’s sober living program has to offer is the empathetic environment provided by our compassionate staff and welcoming clients.

For many people, finding community and connection is the key to establishing a robust, long term sobriety, and sharing space with others who are similarly committed to it is a great start.

Finally, showing how much Reco cares about their clients, all of their sober living residences are named for former Reco clients who lost their battles with addiction, which can be a devastatingly unpredictable disease even under the best treatment circumstances.




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Beautiful Sober Living Homes for Both Men and Women in Recovery

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