Become a Fitness Trainer – Vancouver Personal Training Certification Program

Become a Fitness Trainer – Vancouver Personal Training Certification Program : Have you ever wanted to be a certified personal trainer? Many people think that’s is easy. You just know about fitness, and that’s it. But what people don’t realize is that physical trainers that are true and certified actually go through a program in order to achieve success and become qualified to be your fitness instructor.

In this guide, we’ll show you an interesting Vancouver personal training certification program – become a fitness trainer today with an accredited college and land the dream job you’ve always wanted.

How Does the Program Work?

At Hilltop Academy, you gain numerous skills for fitness training that you yourself have to endure and learn about. Gone are the days of the everyday weight lifter or gym expert just going by experience. With this academy, you can actually take real courses so that you can become ACE certified, as well as BCRPA certified and registered. You learn about weight training, personal training, and even senior courses that help you be land a job in which you can assist people of all ages, no matter how old they may be.

Can I Get Student Loans?

Both private and provincial student loans are available if you qualify for them, just as you would with any other program degree. Not only this, but once you are alumni at the academy, you’re in their job placement assistance program and they will help you get a job for literally the rest of your life should you need it with their skills. Other financial aid means are available, from grants, scholarships, and even the worker’s compensation board in order to help you pay for your classes.

What if I Don’t Pass My Exam?

One of the key things that most colleges don’t offer are very important. Since this test is actually so tough, there is always a chance that you won’t pass it in time. But know what? This is one of the first colleges that actually guarantees that if you don’t pass the BCRPA Fitness Theory or personal trainer exam, it’s completely covered, and they’ll pay for you to get it again!

How Long is the Course?

The extensive course takes approximately 17 weeks and you have to get 340 certified hours in order for the course to be complete. You take multiple training courses, as well as a detailed first aid and CPR registered course. This makes you not only a great personal trainer, but also one that can help you be certified so that should there be a medical emergency during your training with a client, then you are able to properly take care of them.


Hilltop Academy is literally the only school that offers a program like this for personal training. They want to see you succeed, and because of this, they offer these fully-detailed courses so that you can be the best personal trainer in both Canada, and even the U.S. They’re also one of the only ones that gives you your ACE (American Council on Exercise) certifications so you aren’t just limited to being a fitness trainer in Canada.







Become a Fitness Trainer – Vancouver Personal Training Certification Program

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Become a Fitness Trainer – Vancouver Personal Training Certification Program

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