Become The Source Of Energy, Instead Of Trying To Restore It – says Shakuntali, the Woman who enlightens our ways.

Become The Source Of Energy, Instead Of Trying To Restore It : In the daytime routine, the contemporary woman needs tons of energy.

Business negotiations, household, kids – all this takes time, efforts, spirit, soul.

And the main issue is we have to give away without the possibility to get at least something back. The modern articles give us advice on how to restore our energy, to “recharge your batteries”. Generally, it is vacation at the seaside, yoga, music, and some others. It is good and briefly works but it is just a temporary remedy.

The trick is that you can become the Energy itself instead of keeping restoring it all the time and trying to hold it.

Becoming the source of energy.

We meet such women from time to time. Self-confident without arrogance, always surrounded by men, natively kind and generous without self-sacrifice. Talking about such a woman you would say that she is beautiful, but thinking critically, it may appear that she is not much but only seems to be so.

There is no magic about it. These women just have the endless flow of energy inside of them. They are completely healthy and happy and that makes the people around them to be happy too.

You can become such a rare woman if you just want to. To get you through that Shakuntali would be a great support.

Shakuntali is Enlightened woman, the reincarnation of the Ukok princess, she is temple priestess. The Spiritual Master of Shakuntali is Sri Aurobindo. Possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities. Besides, she is leader charity movements all over the over, founder of the International Academy of working with subconscious “Gyud”. She shows the new way of life full of happiness, inner strength and energy to thousands of women around the world.

Shakuntali reveals that in order to become an energetic Woman of Power we need to get back to our origins and recall how to live for real. It may seem that ancient traditions and practices have nothing to do with contemporary life, but Shakuntali is sure that life is one and for all, what changes are the circumstances we are living in.

Returning to yourself.

Nowadays, everybody knows that all our physical illnesses and malaises start in our brain. We know it but we still haven’t learned how to live being aware of it. Meanwhile, it is very important to understand that every our emotion felt and even every word said affect the state of our body.

Of course, it is very difficult to control yourself that tough, so it is better to change yourself from deep inside out to make it happen in a more natural way.

Shakuntali’s help to you may include various ways.

Shakuntali's help to you may include various ways.
Shakuntali’s help to you may include various ways.
  • You can join her Online temple school. Shakuntali’s mission in this world is to make as many people happy as she is able to. Fulfilling this mission, she teaches the women all around the world letting them know ancient practices, secrets of existence. In any mode convenient for you – whether online or offline – Shakuntali helps you to become a healthy, wealthy, happy woman who makes her dreams come true every day and makes happy all her beloved ones around.
  • You can also participate in any offline training, workshop and program which are always scheduled on Shakuntali’s website. Just pick up the friendly date purifying your mind, body and life returning back to your origins.

Break the circle of tiredness, discontent, humility and impossibility to start a new life. Just visit Shakuntali website and become the woman you always wanted to be.







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Become The Source Of Energy, Instead Of Trying To Restore It

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