Benefits of Natural Cosmetics

Cosmetics, such as make-up and body products, are part of the daily skin regimen of many people. With a wide range of cosmetics flooding the market, it is important for people using cosmetics to choose the right products.

Natural cosmetics are alternatives to synthetic cosmetics. Within the context of competition, debate over which is better continues to rage. Getting to the root of the arguments for or against natural or synthetic cosmetics involves an understanding of the key factor differentiating these two types of products. Use of organic ingredients is the distinguishing characteristic of natural cosmetics. Ingredients used in these products are found in nature or created by natural chemical reactions as opposed to artificial compounds and chemical reactions concocted in laboratories. This distinction leads to the essential benefits of natural cosmetics.

1. Health and safety is a lesser issue in natural cosmetics

People are less likely to develop allergies with natural cosmetics. Aloe is a more commonly known natural ingredient in cosmetics. Contact with aloe is known not to cause allergic reactions. Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline, a lesser known natural plant amino acid and used in anti-ageing or firming cosmetics, is not contained in any database of harmful or suspected to be harmful ingredients. Propelyne glycol and petrolatum are common synthetic components of cosmetic products. Both are known to cause allergic reactions and eye and skin irritations on contact in some people.

There is a long list of organic and synthetic ingredients used in cosmetics. Comparing the safety ratings of these ingredients can take days. It is true that some natural ingredients are toxic as some synthetic ingredients are safe. While it is also true that the safety of cosmetic products lies in the use of the right amount and combination of ingredients, limited regulation of cosmetic products means that natural cosmetics is the safer bet. The bottom line in the health and safety issue of cosmetic ingredients is that natural ingredients are more compatible with the skin’s composition and less likely to disrupt natural cleansing and rejuvenation processes.

2. Cost is a secondary concern in using natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics can cost more than synthetic cosmetics. A reason is the lower production of some natural ingredients of cosmetics when compared to the bigger production of synthetic ingredients, to allow firms to operate on economies of scale. However, demand for organic cosmetics led to the establishment of small cosmetics companies that provide products at the same price or slightly higher prices than synthetic products. These small firms have developed expertise in natural cosmetics, target a niche market and use online tools and networking for advertising to support product offers at affordable prices.

3. Use of natural cosmetics supports environmental causes

Green chemistry, a process behind natural cosmetics, targets low hazards to the environment, energy efficiency and renewable production. Many organic cosmetic companies are also involved in environmental protection.

The benefits of using natural cosmetics are compelling. Choosing organic cosmetics is a sensible option for cosmetics users.


Benefits of Natural Cosmetics