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Best Armed Services Dating Sites : Whether or not a person will record success in their online dating attempt is largely dependent on one major factor. This factor is compatibility or what is called a “match”. Every modern dating site tries to setup algorithms that help them bring together the best possible matches.

Wherever you see the topic of online dating being discussed, you will always that the issue of matching the right people together will always come up. You can find an example of this in this article here where the topic of discussion is how to succeed at online dating.

If personal interests are the basis on which the right matches are made, it therefore makes a whole lot of sense that a lot of dating sites are now being setup to cater particularly for people within a group or section of the community that share common interests.

Some examples include dating sites for seniors and of course dating sites for the armed services. In this article, we shall be focusing on dating sites for military personnel.

Why Military Personnel?

Why Military Personnel?
Why Military Personnel?

A dating site dedicated to linking military personnel with themselves or with civilians is strategic for some reasons that have to do with our human nature and how it influences what attracts us to others. We don’t always know these things, but there are few of them that we can point at based on experience and psychological studies.

If you are interested in learning some more about some of the factors that influence our attraction to a partner, you can read this article here:

Attraction to Strength and Authority

From the day that humans started having armies, they have always been a symbol of strength and authority. This has not changed till date. By default, a person in the military is automatically thought of as strong. They also carry the authority of the nation they represent.

Some people are therefore attracted to this strength (perceived or real) and authority. A site like this will help them find soldiers who are available and ready to date.

Attraction to the Uniform

Some ladies have been known to fawn over men in uniform while some men have also been known to be drawn to females in uniform. Either way, there are obviously those who are seriously attracted to people in any kind of uniform. For this kind of people, a dating site for military personnel is a treasure trove.

Similarities to Important Figures in One’s Life

This is a very important factor though it is always not as pronounced as others. It has been shown that we are usually drawn to people who look like important figures in our lives. A child of a military officer is going to be more easily drawn to a military officer than a child of a non-military officer.

Whether an army brat or someone who related very closely with people in the military, they will likely find themselves drawn to people in this field unless of course their experience creates a strong aversion which is also a possibility, howbeit not as common as the former.

Once again, a website like we have described will make it easy for these ones to find the kind of partners they desire.


On a final note on this matter, there is also the issue of the convenience it offers member of the military. Many of these soldiers are stationed abroad for months and cannot have the usual interactions that most people take for granted.

With a dating site dedicated to them, they can easily connect with civilians and fellow soldiers stationed anywhere in the world. This means that when they get back from their tours, they may actually have someone they met online waiting for them for a first date.

Top Armed Services Dating Sites

Now let’s look at a few armed services dating site options that we can take advantage of.

Military Cupid

As you will expect, there are not a whole lot of military dating sites available. However, this is easily the best military dating site at least from the few that are currently available. The name alone gives it away.

This site is free to sign up on and very easy to use. You can simply sign up for an account using Facebook. Once you sign up with Facebook, it will pull your details from there to the site. You can also join with your regular email if you choose. You will just need to manually fill your information.

Like we mentioned, signing up is free but there is a paid plan. However, the free plan offers impressive access. You can view profiles and even send messages and friends request to premium members from your free account.

If you however choose to upgrade your membership, you will have access to extended communication features. These include live chats, ability to comment on pictures, ad-free usage and even video messaging.

With a membership that is gradually approaching a million, finding a fit is a lot easier. The only down side to the site is that only android user can access the app for now.

Military Friends

This is another entire dating site dedicated to the wonderful people of our armed forces. Again, this is a good place to meet fellow jar heads or civilians who are interested in dating military personnel.

Signing up for this site is free and you can do so through your email or with your Facebook account. You can choose to operate a free membership plan which will allow you post your profile and probably nothing much more than that.

Unlike with Military Cupid, you may need to upgrade your membership to a paid one to be able to really get anything out of this site. You should however note that this site does not have the kind of membership base that Military Cupid has.

The site is easy to navigate but is sadly only available for android users at this time.


Though we have just listed two sites committed to helping military personnel hook up, we believe that even just one of them is enough to help you connect. Being a niche targeted dating site, your chances of finding a reach match is very high.

Take a leap of faith and signup for an account on one of these so you can begin to explore all the possibilities that lie ahead of you in your love life.





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Best Armed Services Dating Sites

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