Best Songwriting Tips

While lots of pop singers don’t write their own songs, there are some of them who do it, and even the best songwriters sometimes need help. Songwriting must be a meaningful and fun experience, but never stressful! Check out a few best tips for songwriting!

1. Don’t think about genre

Don’t be afraid to perform songs from blues to pop to country to old school rock’n’roll. People would definitely take well to this approach, unless you are pitching a country / pop /rock song to a hip-hop radio station. Just don’t worry too much about a genre!

2. Don’t overthink

Among the most important songwriting tips is that you shouldn’t think a lot about what it’s that you are writing. Just let the words flow out of you. Even if they do not seem to make sense at first, you will find some ways to piece them together when you finish writing the song or verse.

3. Don’t focus too much on rhyming

When you write a song rhyming is the last thing you should think about. Most popular songs these days don’t actually rhyme and don’t even follow a certain format. So don’t focus too much on rhyming!

4. Find a thesis

If you are writing songs freely, it’s much easier to get lost in lyrics. That’s why it’s good to know what you are writing about. Not all the songs have only one main theme, but having one will make the flow easier and better to write. In finding a thesis you could come up with the lyrics which you might not use for the song you are writing now, but for the song you will start writing in the future!

5. Let things go

If you are writing a break-up song or a love song, it’s extremely difficult to try not to be cliché, but sometimes you need to let things go. Even if it sounds cheesy to you, it may sound great and genius to other people. The more personal you get with your lyrics, the more people will relate to them.

6. It’s okay to look to others’ work

Unless you are directly stealing a melody or lyrics, looking to others’ work is not cheating, it is really helpful! Look through old lyrics. Sometimes the best way to find a new music is just to click through the covers of some popular songs. Nowadays there are many young, up-and-coming artists that may inspire you!

7. Don’t stress about finishing it

If you get stuck on a verse or a word, just walk away and come back to it a little bit later. Don’t stress about writing your song, otherwise you will cloud your thoughts and your song will not be good and genuine. Writing songs can take a few weeks, months or even a year to finish.

Never doubt yourself and continue writing your songs! Who most influenced you as an aspiring songwriter? Do you have any other songwriting tips? Share your thoughts, please!


Best Songwriting Tips