Best Ways to Get Fit for Free

Why spend money on a gym membership when there are so many ways to get fit for free? If don’t have any funds to join a gym or buy the latest fitness equipment, don’t get upset! Here are a few best ways to get fit without spending money! Don’t let your financial state dictate your physical health!

Best Ways to Get Fit for Free

1. Cycle to work

Pull out your bicycle and give your car a break. Cycling to and from work has plenty of benefits. The early morning ride to work will energize you and prepare for the day. And the evening bike ride from work will help you to de-stress.

2. Walk everywhere

No matter whether you are visiting a friend or going to the corner store, walking is another best way to get fit for free! Moreover, this is one of the effortless ways to burn extra calories. Even if you decide to ride in your car, park as far away as possible. And always use the stairs instead of the elevator.

3. Walk around the trail

Still want to get fit for free? Hit the trails of your local park! This is an excellent way to get the whole family active without spending money. Walk along the trail just to burn calories, or opt for jogging to maximize results. You can even bring your bike.

4. Play outdoor sports

If you are not a walker or a runner, don’t worry! Find the activity that you enjoy the most and participate in it several times a week. For instance, if you like swimming, try to take several laps during the day. And if you like playing basketball, then go to the park and shoot some hoops.

5. Use free passes

Some local gyms can give away free passes, so you can use them for multiple visits within the specific time frame. Of course, you will have to sit through some presentation on the advantages of joining the gym, but a free pass will give you temporary access to the best gym equipment.

6. Use resistance bands or hand weights

If you want to tone your legs and arms, you don’t need a gym membership. Although the gym has a great variety of weight lifting equipment, you can achieve the same results with hand weights or resistance bands. This is one of the best ways to get fit for free!

7. Buy a workout DVD

Yes, girls, you can surely have success exercising in your living room! It’s not only convenient, but also cost-effective, since a workout DVD costs only a few bucks. If you have Internet access, that’s perfect! Search different workout videos on YouTube. Create your stock of exercise videos and exercise at any hour of the day.

Getting fit should never break the bank. How do you exercise on the cheap? Share your thoughts, please!


Best Ways to Get Fit for Free