Blurry Vision Syndrome during Pregnancy

Attention: This Common problem may be the Cause of Greater Worry among Expecting Mothers.

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Blurry Vision Syndrome during Pregnancy : Pregnancy is a wonderful phase in a women’s life where mothers begin to experience the joys of motherhood while nurturing a life. However, pregnancies come with varied symptoms. We already know about the common ones such as morning sickness, back pain, foot swelling etc, but knowledge about pregnancy induced blindness is still limited.

In fact, not many even know of the existence of such a symptom. This leads to a lot of stress and confusion in the minds of expecting families. And, believe it or not, blurry vision is quite a common side-effect. Even though this is a temporary phase, it is still crucial for mothers to be able to identify the symptoms and take necessary action based on the severity of the situation to ensure the fetus remains unaffected.


Causes of Blurred Vision during Pregnancy

As you may already know, pregnancy is associated with water retention, which in turn may cause decreased corneal sensitivity. When there is an increase in the corneal thickness and curvature, it leads to dry eye syndrome. This may cause a temporary change in your eyesight power. It is also why pregnant women are advised against any corrective eye procedures such as LASIK or PRK. All this is caused due to the hormones produced during pregnancy.Some doctors also suspect the production of progesterone to be the cause of mothers’ experiencing blurry vision as it is known to soften the cartilage and collagen in a pregnant woman, which may also affect the collagen in the eyes.


Blurry Vision Syndrome during Pregnancy

Decreased Eye Pressure:

Just as your blood pressure decreases when you expecting, so does your eye pressure which basically happens due to the decrease in eye fluid production.

Droopy Eye (Ptosis):

In case of increased fluid and hormone production on the muscle that elevates  the eyelid, some women may develop a one-sided droopy eye.Even thought the above situations occur temporarily during the pregnancy, expecting mothers are advised to continue regular eye check-ups during each trimester.


Commonly known as Pregnancy Induced Hypertension, preeclampsia is a condition caused due to high blood pressure. It results in swelling in the hands and feet and protein in the urine. This condition usually appears around the 20th week of pregnancy and reduces by the 6th week after delivery. Keep a keen eye out for these symytdptoms as it can be contained better if caught early. If not, it may lead to Eclampsia, a serious condition that can also put your baby at risk. Women suffering from Eclampsia may also experience seizures. In such cases, it is best to seek professional advice to avoid any risk to the fetus.

HELLP Syndrome:

It is also known as Hemolysis, Elevated Liver enzymes, Low Platelets syndrome. Expecting mothers suffering from HELLP are 7 times more likely to have fluid under the retina caused due to arteriolar spasm and ischemia in the choroid. However, more often than not, the temporary blurry sight caused due to HELLP usually resolves within a few weeks after delivery.

Gestational Diabetes:

It is a temporary form of diabetes that sometimes affects moms-to-be and shows signs around the 2nd week of pregnancy. The high blood-sugar levels caused due to the same can damage the small blood vessels that supply your retina which eventually leads to blurred vision. Therefore, if you have previously been diagnosed with Diabetes, talk to your doctor about the various ways in which you can prevent such an issue and/or control it.

Central Serous Chorioretinopathy (CSC):

CSC occurs due to increased cortisol levels, resulting in accumulation of fluid under the retina.  Symptoms include distortion and blurry vision. This condition also usually resolves after delivery.


If you start expecting or begin to plan a bay while undergoing treatment for Glaucoma, you must get in touch with your physician right away. Certain Glaucoma medication such as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors can be harmful to the developing fetus, you may need to reduce your dosage to lessen your baby’s exposure such the medication.


Points to Remember

  • Lubricate your eyes with doctor recommended eye-drops as and when they feel dry
  • Rest your eyes as far as possible.
  • Wear glasses and avoid contacts as they also add to the dryness
  • Steer clear of any corrective eye procedures 6 months prior to planning a baby and during your pregnancy. Check with your doctor about how long to wait before getting any surgery done after delivery.
  • Do not correct your prescription due to any temporary blurry vision during your pregnancy phase.
  • Visit your ophthalmologist regularly during your pregnancy to contain any possible vision related complications that may arise while you are expecting.

A lot can happen to your eye and you may experience various visual symptoms during pregnancy and around the time of delivery. Therefore, if you are experiencing blurry vision during pregnancy, make an appointment with your physician/ophthalmologist to ensure there are no underlying problems.



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Blurry Vision Syndrome during Pregnancy

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