How and Why Busy Women Should Ask for Help

Superwoman is a fictional character; however, the name is not a misnomer for most real-life women. Women have many labels: mother, wife, business associate, caregiver, and more. A revolving list of duties lies within each category. Too often, pride and desire to be all and do all prevent women from acknowledging the need for help. For the sake of health and sanity, women need the ability to swallow their pride, open their mouths, and take advantage of many helpful resources.

It is almost impossible to lead a busy life without some help, but when you try, it can be detrimental to your emotional and physical health. You can end up overrun, because without actually asking for help you get too little of it. When you are overly busy and frazzled it negatively alters your moods. This causes high levels of stress which leads to ill effects on the body. That is one huge reason why it is important that you find sources for help and use them.

A spouse or partner is possibly the best source of help. Married ladies, please remember: while your husbands have many wonderful qualities, mind reading is not one of them. Instead of getting steamed at him for walking past a dirty toilet without picking up a brush or by the blinking dishwasher without unloading, simply ask him to do it. Waiting for him to do something because he wants to do it is a waste of mental energy. Most likely, your spouse doesn’t mind helping out; you just need to point them towards the task.

Another valuable option for assistance is your circle of friends and relatives.Here is a good opportunity to take the load off of each other. Try scheduling days to babysit each other’s children or creating car pool shifts for school and work. Mothers, if you need a day or just a few hours to yourself, call a family friend or a sibling who might be interested in spending a fun day out with your child. Also, assigning some household duties to children is a way to teach them to be helpful and get more tasks off your list.

In addition to friends and family, if you are on good terms with your neighbors reach out to them on occasion. Just one of the many benefits of making friends with neighbors is that you can rely on each other for help. If you can’t get home in time to water the lawn or feed the dog, or if you forget to take the trash to the curb, call a neighbor and ask if they wouldn’t mind.

However you do it and to whomever you turn, asking for help is sometimes necessary. With occasional help, life is easier and more enjoyable than without it. You will feel less overwhelmed. Also, those who have helped you may find themselves in need from time to time, and therein is your chance to return the favor. Everyone needs help, and it all comes around.


How and Why Busy Women Should Ask for Help