Celebrate Your Boss’s Birthday

What’s a better opportunity to thank your boss for his/her motivation, encouragement and support than his/her birthday? Your boss’s birthday surely calls for a celebration! You could plan his/her birthday in plenty of fun ways. Your boss’s birthday celebration might bring you and your co-workers closer to your boss and it might be a great way to bond. Check out some creative ways to celebrate your boss’s birthday.

1. Make plans for a lunch get-together

One of the best ways to celebrate your boss’s birthday is to invite him/her for lunch! You could make a lunch reservation at a nearby restaurant and take your boss along with your co-workers and spend a great time. It’s a perfect time to laugh, talk, and have fun. Having lunch together is one of the great ways to have a good relation with your boss. It may be a fun and nice thing to do for the boss’s birthday.

2. Organize an office party

A boss’s birthday party is a great way to show your boss how much you and your co-workers appreciate him. Pre-plan with all your co-workers a surprise for your boss: come a bit early to your office and wait for him/her to come. Have a big birthday cake and give it when your boss enters. Arrange for some snacks and drinks and have a small office party together.

3. Enjoy a fun evening at lounge

Make plans for spending a fun evening at some lounge. Have a drink, dance, and enjoy it with your boss and your co-workers. It will definitely be a fun birthday that your boss is sure to remember!

4. Make some movie plans

Buy movie tickets and go to the cinema together with your boss and your co-workers. It would be a great informal way to spend time not only with your boss, but with your colleagues too. It might bring you much closer and improve your work relationship as well.

5. Invite your boss for a poker night

You can also plan a poker night with a beer and some junk food. It will be a casual and really relaxed atmosphere. Just invite your boss to play together and then surprise him/her with a gift and cake.

6. Plan a weekend trip

Last year we had an office trip near to our boss’ birthday. It was so amazing and we had so much fun! A weekend trip would be a good change for all your co-workers and for your boss as well. A fun weekend trip to celebrate your boss’s birthday with cards, cake and gifts is definitely a wonderful idea.

How do you and your co-workers celebrate your boss’s birthday? Do you have any ideas? Share your thoughts, please!


Celebrate Your Boss’s Birthday