Change Your Mind To Succeed

All of us dream for better health, better education, better residence, better job, better medical facilities, happy life living and every thing better – we wish that we should have good savings, good pension plans to pursue our spirituality related activities and for that, we make efforts also, but do not succeed and say that though we did our best, it was perhaps our luck that we could not succeed.

In order to bring in a sense of purpose and quality into our lives, we need to look at the nature and working of our mind very much. Our mind is meant to absorb information, transform it into knowledge and lead it into action. Our action and speech determine the quality of our life and these come from the mind.

Understanding the nature of absorption of the mind is not a complex problem. As a result of increasing age or some predomination, most people’s minds become as hard as rock. Just as rock is impervious to water, information that falls on a hard mind does not make any impression. A hard mind offers immense resistance; it is full of previously absorbed information that prevents the flow of new knowledge and action. We should make our mind as soft as sponge for maximum absorption. Just as water can be easily absorbed by a sponge and squeezed out, our mind should easily absorb information and allow free flow of knowledge to enable suitable action. The two processes are reversible – a soft or open mind can be easily hardened and a hard or closed mind can be easily softened. We only need to be aware and exercise caution.

How does our mind become hard and closed? This is an automatic, front-line defence mechanism for the protection of our belief systems based on our state of ego. If we encounter an idea or situation that is not in line with out thinking, we immediately close our mind; we put up a block against it; this is what we call mindset is a protective mechanism of self-defence because we are scared of what others think about our notions and beliefs. Mindset is self-destructive and we have quite often experienced this. For example, a simple discussion develops into an argument and leads to a verbal fight, and can get more intense because of mindset.

Therefore, mere gathering of information by our mind is useless. We must transform this to knowledge. For that we need to make our mind pure to be able to perform this conversion efficiently. How can we do this? A pure and soft mind is a gateway to divine living. Thinking positive isn’t enough. It is essential to think divine living. We can do it easily. We may review the working of our mind at least three times a day to consider:

1. Is my mind aggressive or calm?
2. Do my words and actions hurt or bring joy to people?

We need to remember an object that slips out of our hand can be recovered, but an inappropriate word that slips out of our tongue cannot be undone. Self-review will cleanse our mind of all the mental dirt. Ideas and inspiration flash freely in a pure mind to transformation to knowledge. Knowledge can be defined simply as the idea of how to put information to use for the welfare of many in the form of an action.

In this direction, we can allow others the freedom to be as they are and what we could have expected from others, without imposing our mindset of thoughts and ideas. We may have faith and belief that God is present around us to watch our action. This will restrain us from wrongdoing. We may spend some time quietly everyday thinking about our Inner Self. This way the mind that seeks information can be changed into a mind meant for the transformation of our very life from human to Divine. Once we acquire this state of mind, it is possible that we may get relieved of our mental stress to greater extent and we may succeed in what we are going to do.

Be Happy – Change Your Mind To Succeed