Check Out the Best Liposuction Clinics In Thailand

Check Out the Best Liposuction Clinics In Thailand
Check Out the Best Liposuction Clinics In Thailand

Check Out the Best Liposuction Clinics In Thailand : Sometimes all the diet and exercise does not seem to work. If that is you, if you are looking for a way to get thin safely and quickly, then perhaps there is nothing better and effective than getting a liposuction. Even if you have thought about getting the treatment, you may very well be putting it off because of how utterly expensive it is in first-world countries such Australia and New Zealand. Try Thailand liposuction. You will be delighted to know that you this is very cost-effective alternative that you can explore.

Medical tourism industry in this beautiful island country has been big for a long time. It is also home to some of the best surgeons and clinics offering liposuction for medical tourists. You might be wondering which Thai city to go to for great options and maximum affordability. Well, Bangkok is the primary hub for medical tourists from all over the globe. With an influx of 20 million tourists from different parts of the world, many of them opt for a slew of cosmetic solutions such tummy tucks and liposuction due to sheer accessibility, convenience and of course the low prices!

How Much Money Can I Potentially Save on Liposuction Treatment?

You would be absolutely shocked to learn that the liposuction procedure in Bangkok costs less than a third of the price in your local clinics in Australia or New Zealand. At your local clinics you are looking at around AUD $8,600 / NZD $9,225 for the procedure. In Thailand however, the price for the same procedure is only AUD $2,889 / NZD $3,099!

Liposuction clinics in Thailand can keep prices low thanks to the country’s lower operating costs. Moreover, the lack of bureaucratic red tape, which flusters first-world businesses, also helps costs low. All this translates into lower fees for liposuction and other treatments in Thailand. Just look at a couple of renowned clinics that will offer you the best prices and up to 80% in savings:

  • Yanhee Hospital Health Beauty: AUD $1,813 / NZD $1,945
  • KTOP Clinic: AUD $1,571 / NZD $1,685
  • Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre: AUD $1,794 / NZD $1,924
  • Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital: AUD $1,466 / NZD $1,573
  • Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute: AUD $1,736 / NZD $1,863
  • Asia Cosmetic Hospital: AUD $1,543 / NZD $1,655

When it comes to weight loss treatment in Thailand, saving thousands of dollars in treatment is definitely a big motivator. Better yet, think of how easily you will be able use your saving to enjoy your visit to the beautiful island country. Not to mention, you will just as easily be able to fund your accommodation and travelling.

The Best Cosmetic Surgeons

Rest assured the cosmetic surgeons in Bangkok are revered as some of the most experienced and skilled in the region. Most surgeons are trained abroad and have international academic backgrounds. And a lot of them also fluently speak English to make your experience as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. No language barrier!

Their level of experience as well as their expertise and innovative treatment methodologies easily make them comparable to cosmetologists and cosmetic surgeons in Down Under. That is why it is a great idea to schedule an appointment in a Thai cosmetic clinic when you are already planning to come to Thailand. However, even if you were not, you would be saving enough money to cover your travel and accommodation expenses.

So there you go, you now know five of the best liposuction clinics in Thailand. Finding the right clinic is the only “catch” to medical tourism. So now you can confidently travel to enjoy Thailand liposuction. You will return home looking and feel a better version of yourself. After all, is that not the whole point of a vacation?






Check Out the Best Liposuction Clinics In Thailand

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