Choosing a Bariatric and a Geriatric surgeon

Choosing a Bariatric and a Geriatric surgeon : It may seem a daunting task choosing a bariatric surgeon but as long as you know the questions to ask, and knowing what to look for would make it a lot easier. Once you’ve decided that you’re going to have a bariatric surgery, you must change bad habits and choose to live a healthier lifestyle. More over the choice of the correct surgeon would determine the success of the procedure.

Weight loss surgery is a quite a new procedure but with its origin dating back in the years of 1950’s. Previously, it was a procedure that would result into complications but with today’s advanced technology, the whole procedure has evolved and now there are many surgeons, a variety of procedures to choose from and many of the insurance companies cover bariatric surgery.

But what factors should you consider when choosing a bariatric or geriatric surgeon?

Should I choose a local specialist?

Bariatric surgery requires a lot of attention and therefore there would be numerous appointments before and after. Thus when done home, it will give you an opportunity to make a relationship with the surgeon. Again, if you have to pay for air ticket every time you want to see the specialist, it might be unnecessarily costly. This might result in loss of contact with them and thus the danger here would be reverting to old ways that may lead to weight gain. You don’t have to go far, nope, spend less by visiting weight loss surgery and gastric sleeve surgery surgeon near you and get the best solutions.

When do I go for a non-local?

It could be that you are living in a rural area where many of these bariatric practitioners are rare to find. In this case, you may not have an option except to travel consider driving and as much as possible avoid situations where you have to fly. Flying increases, the overall cost and this could cut down your appointments. If you’re living far from New Jersey and the only option you have is picking a flight, try calling and find out how they accommodate patients.

What type of surgeries do they perform?

There are varieties of geriatric surgery options like gastric banding and gastric bypass. These procedures can be performed using traditional laparotomy where the surgeon makes either small incisions or large incisions. Laparoscopic surgeries are less painful and heal faster with minimal complications.

Is the board certified by the American board of surgery of the American Osteopathic Board of Surgery?

Weight loss surgery and gastric sleeve surgery board certification by the above board means the bariatric surgeons have completed the requisite training, passed both the oral and written exams and met the professional predefined standards. These certificates must be renewed every ten years.

How many surgery procedures has the specialist done?

In as far as the surgeon’s experience is concerned, the number of successful cases matters. Regardless of the type of the procedure, the number of successful weight loss surgery and gastric sleeve surgery cases the specialist has done successfully would tell if they are fitting or not. After all, “experience is the best teacher.”

When it comes to bariatric procedures, don’t take chances; you have to find for the best surgeon who has a good experience. Explore all the local options before going abroad and make the necessary follow-ups for a successful procedure.


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Choosing a Bariatric and a Geriatric surgeon

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