Classic Game Strategies That Can Help Empower You at Work

Classic Game Strategies That Can Help Empower You at Work : Getting ahead at work is always an uphill struggle, with competition for promotions and raises as fierce as it has ever been. More and more employers are now looking for those individuals who can set themselves out from the pack and who can show resilience in the face of adversity.

In this article we look at the games of yesteryear that are making a comeback online, many of which can instill in you the attributes you will need to sharpen your business brain and take your career to the next level.

Keeping Calm in High Intensity Situations

All women know that offices can be especially stressful places to be, with that annoying glass ceiling often proving hard to break through and meetings sometimes having little purpose other than to waste your time.

The temptation can be to lose your head, but this can of course create unnecessary ramifications further down the line. Keeping a level head in such situations can be incredibly difficult, but there are online versions of classic games out there that can help you to familiarize yourself with such eventualities, so you can temper your reactions accordingly the next time around.

In chess, for example, losing your cool after having lost a pawn or another minor piece can often lead to you slipping up again and having to sacrifice a knight or even your queen. In poker, losing your cool has its very own terminology, with the phenomenon being known as “tilt” or “steaming”. This is when a player fails to control their emotions and therefore plays more loosely than they should. This is just one of the many tips and tactics that transition seamlessly from the game of poker to the office environment. After all, the more you practice being in high pressure situations the easier they will be to deal with moving forward.

Classic games such as chess
Classic games such as chess are great at putting players in the midst of high-intensity situations, so that when they arise at work, aficionados of such games are that much more prepared.

Knowing When to Go on the Attack and When to Defend

So much in the workplace depends on timing, with takeovers or changes in management potentially taking opportunities away, or opening new doors. The key to making the most of these fluctuations is knowing when the right time is to go on the offensive and when the time is to settle for what you have.

Some classic board games are perfect for acquiring this sixth sense. Monopoly is one of them, with players who simply buy everything they land on usually running out of funds, and more measured players choosing to purchase the most profitable streets or properties and build a successful portfolio.

Games such as this are also good for honing your negotiating, with experienced players knowing exactly how to lure newbies into handing over their most prized assets. This can be an invaluable skill to have if you ever want to ask for a raise or an increase in your responsibilities. You have to know how hard to push as well as what necessitates adequate leverage.

Showing That Killer Instinct

While many jobs require employees to be adept at operating as part of a team, there are others, like those in sales, who insist on their staff having that killer instinct to push through a meeting or convince a client to sign up to a lucrative long-term deal.

There are plenty of classic games like Risk and Texas Hold’em poker that need this skill in abundance, with players having to put on a stony façade as they go about trying to disguise their true intentions.

Remember to Have Fun

Of course, while getting as high up the ladder as you can in your chosen field is important, it is unwise to try and do so while burning bridges with good friends and office buddies.

The same applies with gaming, with gripes arising from competitive games being left alone once the cards or dice are laid to rest.






Classic Game Strategies That Can Help Empower You at Work

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