Combine Your Love for Fitness and Nursing into a Successful Career!

Combine Your Love for Fitness and Nursing into a Successful Career! : “He who possesses health also possesses hope, and he who has hope can overcome anything.”

Is it a surprise that a healthy lifestyle and the role of nursing are delicately interweaved? Both aim at promoting physical and mental well-being. However, in most cases, nursing may come across as corrective instead of preventative.

Thankfully, there’s another (relatively new) interesting field of nursing that is gaining steam – fitness nursing. Perhaps you’re a woman deeply passionate about exercise and fitness; maybe you already run a successful blog or YouTube channel on the same.

If you wish to help others better, especially those with medical conditions that hinder fitness regimes, fitness nursing is a good career path. Let’s explore this field in detail.

Understanding Fitness Nursing

Fitness nursing is a specialized profession that combines medical knowledge and nursing practices with personal training and fitness. A fitness nurse would help create customized fitness regimes for patients based on their current health condition.

They will conduct patient assessments and physical examinations to extend holistic nursing care. This field is suitable for those with prior experience in personal training or sports medicine. Even those who wish to switch careers can opt for a nursing degree.

Who Benefits from Fitness Nursing?

Fitness nurses usually work in a variety of scenarios depending on their work experience, credentials, etc. Their list of patients could include –

  1. Senior Citizens

    Age is a major factor that affects overall health. Elderly people suffering from conditions like arthritis, brittle bones, cardiac issues, etc., need a customized fitness plan.

    Fitness nurses can develop tailored regimes taking their current health into account.

  2. Injured or Recovering Patients

    Injuries are most common in the case of athletes. They often suffer from dislocated joints, sprains, ruptured tendons, etc.

    Fitness nurses play a key role in helping the injured recover safely while maintaining health and fitness.

  3. Patients in Rehabilitation Centers

    Patients in rehabilitation centers often face neurological and physical issues. This makes it challenging for them to benefit from a standard fitness regime.

    Fitness nurses can help those with complicated issues like substance abuse maintain general health through personalized nursing.

  4. Patients Who Wish to Manage General Health

    Fitness nurses do not necessarily cater to only the injured, the suffering, and the recovering. Even those who wish to maintain good health through a personalized fitness regime can benefit from their services.

Where Do Fitness Nurses Generally Work?

The career scope for fitness nursing is vast. They can work anywhere, from hospitals and nursing homes to wellness and athletic facilities. Listed below are some of their key employment areas –

  • Hospitals or nursing homes
  • Sports medical center
  • Fitness clubs
  • Rehabilitation centers, even cardiac-specific ones
  • Radiology departments
  • Their personal facility

How Can One Become a Fitness Nurse?

The first step is to get your relevant nursing credentials. Consider whether you want a Registered Nursing license or a Licensed Practical Nursing license. The difference is that the former involves more responsibilities and hence requires a greater time commitment to study.

Once decided, choose a good Bachelor’s degree in nursing. The Holy Life University makes the process of career transition easier by offering a 14-month nursing ABSN online program. It is a rigorous program that aims to equip students with vital skills through nursing clinical, synchronous sessions, and clinical reasoning.

Only after securing your nursing degree can you sit for the licensing examination. Once you have your credentials, it’s time to choose an area of practice. You can always set up your private fitness nursing facility or choose a hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation center, etc.

Factors to Consider for Fitness Nursing

Before starting your career as a fitness nurse, you should consider the type of nurse you want to be.

  1. Decide the Type of Patients You Wish to Work With

    Some fitness nurses choose to help athletes recover, whereas others direct their services toward those with medical conditions like heart disease. You can also choose a specific age group, such as pediatrics.

    Choosing the type of patients you want to work with will help determine the license type and coursework.

  2. What Would Your Ideal Work Environment Be?

    Once the patient type is decided, consider your work environment. You can choose to work at fitness centers, hospitals, clinics, or even open your private facility.

  3. Consider Your Personal Fitness Interests

    The field of fitness is pretty vast. It encompasses a wide variety of techniques and practices such as exercise, nutrition, sleep habits, endurance, muscle strength, etc.

    Extend your services in the desired area. For instance – If you’re interested in bone health, you can work with patients in need of orthopedic fitness.


Besides your services, the most important motivational factor for patients would be your personal example. As you pursue a nursing degree, ensure you take good care of yourself.

According to this report, many nursing students did not perform well in terms of body flexibility. However, regular exercise and nutrition improved not only physical well-being but also mental fitness.

After all, you cannot pour out of an empty cup!




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Combine Your Love for Fitness and Nursing into a Successful Career!

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