Compliments to Give People You Meet for the First Time

Meeting someone new can be a challenge, but with these compliments it can be easier to break the ice. However, you should always make sure you are genuine when complimenting someone. Never say something if you don’t mean it! If you find something to compliment a person on that you really admire about them, you should certainly tell them! A nice compliment breaks the ice and creates an easier avenue for talking to someone new. Here are 15 wonderful compliments to give people you meet for the first time. Some of them are better for a woman than a man, and a few are even useful for a job interview, but every one of them can be condition specific, so choose the most appropriate ones.

1. Your smile is so beautiful

If someone you meet for the first time has a lovely smile, make sure to tell them so! It’s one of the easiest ways to break the ice and start a conversation. A smile is the most beautiful thing everyone can wear, and when someone appreciates it, it’s so nice.

2. I like your outfit

This is another great compliment to give someone you meet for the first time. After all, who doesn’t want to be complimented on what they are wearing? I admit, I love it! If you meet a new guy, you may say something like, “Your shirt is really nice.” If it is a woman, you may say something like, “Beautiful blouse,” or “Awesome dress.” This will break the ice and make a person feel good.

3. You are so nice

An easy compliment you can give someone new is just to tell them how polite they are. If they are friendly or they just have great manners, tell them so! This compliment is appropriate in almost any situation!

4. Your hair looks amazing

This is a great compliment to give a woman or man, and a simple one too. Everybody loves to feel like their hair looks amazing, and having somebody tell you that is a wonderful compliment to get, so return the favor.

5. Your jewellery is so cute

Sure, along with outfit every woman likes to be complimented on her jewellery. Don’t be afraid to express your love for a woman’s jewellery, or if it’s a man, you may say something like, “Great watch.” If you are in a job interview, keep it short and not over the top, and say something like, “I like your jewellery.”

6. I love your style

If you really like the way a person dresses or accessorizes, one of the best ways to say this is simply, “You have a great style.” It makes a simple, but very nice compliment anyone will like.

7. You have a great taste in books

When I meet people for the first time, I like finding out what they read. If it’s something I love, I always tell them so! If someone speaks of a book they have recently read that sounds interesting to you, feel free to tell them. If you are lucky, they might even allow you to borrow their book.

8. You have a lovely accent

If you meet someone who is from a different country, state or area and you love their accent, compliment them. This compliment is always nice to get. Trust me, I know.


Compliments to Give People You Meet for the First Time