Composting Is The Way to Live a Cheaper and More Sustainable Life

Learn everything you need to know about how to live a sustainable life!

Composting Is The Way to Live a Cheaper and More Sustainable Life
Composting Is The Way to Live a Cheaper and More Sustainable Life

Composting Is The Way to Live a Cheaper and More Sustainable Life : Have you ever heard about sustainable living? According to this philosophy, each of us can make lifestyle changes to counteract the effects of global warming and other concerns for the environment. If you want to know more about ways to live a sustainable life you came to the right place.

As we all know, according to the Loan Solution website, the capitalist world is based on two things – production and consumption. And this is more apparent than it was ever before. In the past decades, we see more and more manufacturers of various goods emerging on the market and trying to make a successful business. So, we are swamped by new or upgraded products that are so well advertised that we always think we have to get them.

At the same time, however, an increasing number of people are starting to realize how problematic this is, not just for our budget, but also for the environment. We are beginning to understand that every single thing we do affects the Earth, whether it is our food choices or the type of car we drive. Because of that, many of us take into consideration the concept of sustainable living to protect the planet.

Some of our friends asked us if we mean that all people have to eat only vegetables from now on and stop driving cars. It’s essential to say that it is not what sustainable life means! It’s best if you can reduce meat consumption and drive only when necessary. In this text, we will talk about what it means to live a sustainable life and why it’s important.

The Importance of Sustainable Life

Some of you may wonder why we should live sustainable lives when big companies aren’t thinking about it. This question does make sense on one hand. But imagine on another how bad things would be if there would be no one who cares about the planet. We are producing waste and using energy like never before. As a consequence, we have to deal with climate change and pollution. That is why each one of us needs to do what is possible to start living a sustainable life at home.

How to Live Sustainable Life?

It may be surprising, but composting is one of the first steps when you want to know how to live a sustainable life. Many people are a bit hesitant because they believe it’s a hard and smelly process. But keep in mind that it’s neither of that if you understand the basics of this process. And the best thing is that everyone can do it regardless of the place where you live.

What is Compost

So imagine putting different things like cucumber and banana peel, eggs shells, apple core, watermelon rinds, etc., together and leaving them for some time to start decaying. That’s compost. It’s nothing more than decaying organic matter that is used as an excellent natural fertilizer.

What is Compost
What is Compost

What Can You Use for Compost?

You can use the inedible parts of nearly all fruit and vegetables. Besides that, you can use grains, including even stale bread or expired cereal or pasta. Practically every sustainable life blog will mention that you can also use coffee grounds, tea leaves, filters, herbs, spices, flowers, tree branches, etc. However, keep in mind that you cannot compost animal products such as dairy, meat, butter, etc.

How Does Composting Help the Environment?

It’s the answer you have all been waiting for, right? When at the dumping ground, food scraps emit methane which is one of the gases that lead to climate change. Composting is thus a way to reduce methane emissions. Besides that, as a natural fertilizer, it also decreases the need for chemical options, which are harmful to the soil. Finally, the research conducted by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency shows that by composting we capture and eliminate almost 100 % of volatile organic compounds which harm humans.

How to Compost?

Okay, it’s clear now why composting is a step towards sustainable life of resources. But how can we do it? It’s generally pretty simple, and as we mentioned, it can be done any time and any place. You only need a bin or a pile to put all the food scraps you don’t need. Keep them in that place for about a week and then use them to fertilize the soil in your garden.


We know that it isn’t simple to change old habits. For many people who throw leftovers into the trash can, the idea of composting sounds like too much work. However, if you are concerned about the future of Earth and want to have a more sustainable life, this is a way to go! And as you could notice, although it takes some time and organization, it’s not that difficult. Are any of your friends composting? Have you already thought about doing it yourself?


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Composting Is The Way to Live a Cheaper and More Sustainable Life

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