Dating a Boy Who Likes Another Girl

Are you dating a man who likes or even loves another woman? This situation can be tricky and hard to handle. It’s like a brittle glass – one wrong move can break the relationship. Check out some helpful hints on how to handle this kind of situation. Don’t forget to exercise good care.

1. Don’t lose your personality

Don’t forget who you are and why your boyfriend started dating you. Don’t give up your personality and attitude. Never try and copy other girl in any way. If you do this, you will let her know that she’s getting to you. Take pride in yourself and pay attention to yourself.

2. You are his priority

You shouldn’t forget that you are the boy’s priority and that he is dating you and not the other girl. Once you forget this, you will fall into the jealousy trap and start behaving in a silly irrational way and end up losing your relationship.

3. Find out the reason

It’s important to find out why your boyfriend despite dating you still likes another girl. It might be her popularity, looks, or money. Maybe your boyfriend is just trying to make you jealous. Find out the reason and then talk to him about it and try to find a solution.

4. Trust your boyfriend

If you love your boyfriend you should trust him and your relationship with him. Try to understand his feelings towards you and towards the other girl. Why does your guy like her? Maybe you fail somewhere as his girlfriend. Work on it and you’ll always have his full attention.

5. Support your guy

Try to support your boyfriend. He might be going through a bit of rough patch and maybe he has lost control. However, if he gives you reason to distrust him, you should confront your boyfriend with the reality of the situation. Your feelings are at stake, so do what is best for you.

6. Accept his friendship

If the girl happens to be his friend, don’t expect your boyfriend to stop talking to her. Try to accept and respect the friendship between him and the other girl, and try to make some efforts to befriend her. Your boyfriend will know that you don’t push him around and respect his personal space.

Dating a boy who likes another girl can be challenging. I know it’s difficult, but you can cope with it. Do you have some other tips for dating a guy who likes another girl? Share your thoughts, please!


Dating a Boy Who Likes Another Girl