Delayed Justice is the justice denied.

Apropos the news titled, “To get hearing, man sends HC Rs.20k” appeared in the daily, “Times Of India” dt.Sunday January 23, 2011.

We must support the hon’ble judges irked over the initiative taken by Mr.Anil Tikotekar for the offer. Prima facie, the wish of the hon’ble judge stands justified that Mr.Tikotekar must tender apology to the Court for writing a letter to them without caring for the procedure laid down for tendering his grievances properly. How did he dare going out of way to seek an early justice? But our hon’ble judges have forgotten to find out why that litigant had to offer this. What kind of justice is being exercised to him in the name of the procedures of the courts, why their process of delivering the judgments is taking so much time to prove that the delayed justice may appear itself to be injustice and how that poor litigant is managing the affairs to attend the dates could not be looked in by the hon’ble judges before seeking the apology from the litigant who otherwise deserves to be honored with an earliest judgment. The web of the advocates, staff of the courts and the judiciary itself has created such atmosphere that the litigants are not able to look out for the early justice – sometimes the costs of the litigation in terms of time and money exceed the costs of the subject matter of the disputes.

Since I understand the costs of the litigation because of the fact that I had to compromise in one case of the bounced cheque out of the Court as the process running over more than 10 years was costing me too much and in another service case with a government department, I have so far lost 22 years of my working life and still I could not get the blessings of the Court to get it heard on merit basis,

  1. We must ask the whole judiciary systems, all over the world, to make an immediate analysis of itself why Mr.Anil Tikotekar took this decision to offer, and take corrective action before seeking the apology. If it is not done, the day is not far away when the people may start to hate the judiciary also in the same way as our politicians and bureaucrats are going to face the wrath of the people because of the corrupt practices being undertaken by some of them. If technicalities of a system make the outcomes obsolete, that system itself is required to be revamped first to deliver the outcome in time. If India has billions of rupees to squander in the scams and corrupt practices, she must afford some amount for setting up more benches of the courts, recruiting more staff and removing the bottlenecks to ensure easy justice to its people in time.
  1. We must ask all the litigants all over the world also to support Mr.Anil Tikotekar by filing affidavits to the respective courts that they too are willing to offer the price of the time of the courts if their cases are finalized within appropriate time. It is the outlook of the courts to seek an apology for the contempt or improve their own working.
  1. We must ask the media, the governments and the lawmakers all over the world to look into the matter rightfully to make the inhabitants on the earth, more prosperous truly instead of serving the vested interests unknowingly. If judiciary system is made good, a majority of the problems shall not be there.