Develop Your Personality (Part – 4)

Personality, if developed in the right direction plays miracles in each field of the individual whether that is health, education, job, business, professions like finance consultancy and even in spirituality related programs. It has been a challenging and rewarding task for every individual. You know! It is said that females use more than 25 percent of their working time in the activities of developing and maintaining their personality whether they are doing make-up or dressing etc.Why so? For improvement of their appearance. Now-a-days, it is being preferred by all genders almost in all age groups. A child of today also prefers clean clothing, stylish footwear and neat place to live in. It is important for the youth who gain much out of it. It challenges to undertake hard work in methodical way, having perseverance and careful attention to each and everything happening around you like you are going to attend some very tough competitive examination for your career. Yes, it is equally important in that respect too.

Who is responsible for your deeds?

In fact, no effort goes waste if you undertake in right direction and sincerely for development of your personality as soon as you take over the controls of your affairs from your patents. Please take it your primary duty because it plays a vital role in achieving success in every step. It reflects you as a whole to others. It is you, responsible for your deeds. It is your responsibility to ascertain what you are and what you want to be. You have the power to make out what you dream for. None else will make it. Someone can guide you but you are to implement yourself. Simply take it, if you are now has been the result of your past acts, in the same way, you will be the same as you will think about your future form. We get only for what we work. Let us give up our pride and understand that never is misery undeserved. There never has been a blow undeserved, there would never be an evil for which I did not pave the way myself, through my own hands, through my own negligence or acts undertaken knowingly or unknowingly but the evil gets way with my permission only. If I determine to close all the doors, no evil can affect me, it is true.

You have no control over external world. But you can control yourself, your inner world. If some blow comes to you, it means you invited that blow. The blow was pushed by the external world on to you and you did not make any effort to stop it – your inner world did not respond to the warning, did not see the blow coming to you, your hands did not raise to stop it, it means that you did not keep yourself active, you cooperated the blow to come over to you. You will have to be active if you do not wish the blow to hit you. You got it; you are responsible for the consequences. You say that you were hand-cuffed or you, or your mind, were busy somewhere else. Again, that is your responsibility how you got hand-cuffed, why you did not care not to happen.

Who makes you work?

Nothing makes you work so well at your best and highest as and when all the responsibilities are thrown upon yourself. For example, you are desperate in need of work. You have no job to support yourself, no income to meet your requirements of health, education, hobby and other pursuits. You have no investment or fixed income to finance. And that time, you are given the responsibility of caring for a child and that child is in your lap. What will you do? For a moment, your whole life will be changed. You will give up all your ill-ideas and start to love that child. If it cries, you will do your best to get it comfortable – you won’t wait for the instructions how to get it done. You will do yourself – none is making you do so. There would be no personal God to do it – you are to do. If it is comfortable and smiles again, you will also smile and forget that your need of finance is more important.

This life is a hard fact; you need to work boldly. It lays no responsibility to your personal Gods. You make yourself suffer; you make good and evil. You can put your hands before your eyes and can say that it is dark. Take away the hands; you will say that there is light. The Light is already there – you are keeping darkness on to you. Why so? Awake yourself and solution is there to your problem. Those who blame others can never get light, they are miserable with helpless brains. Unluckily number of such people is growing day by day. They pass their time by counting the mistakes of others. It does not serve their purpose but weaken them more by waste of their time, energy and breathes as well. You need to make an affirmation, “This misery which I am suffering is the result of my own faults. And it is required to be undone by me only – none would help me, I will do myself.”

How would you work?

Whenever you take up a job, you attach importance to the returns that job will ensure to you. It is quite natural. But if you have accepted some job after due consideration of the expected returns, you need to work for the work’s sake only. There are some persons who are really salt of the earth in every country who work only for work’s sake. They do not care for name or fame, or expect to go to heaven after finishing a job. They finish the job because they know that the job will bring about something. We find someone doing charity or welfare jobs without any interest, spending good amounts of their hard labor – good governments exempt such expenses from taxation but there is no valuation of their own labor or maneuverability they undertake to accomplish some charity project. Why? They know one day such projects would be good for the human society and can bring to them name and fame, not immediately or it may not happen at all. They continue to pursue them while doing their routine work.

If a man works without any selfish motive in view, does he get anything in return? Yes, he gets –first, he gets self satisfaction. He gets the highest reward. Unselfishness is more rewarding. The people do not have patience otherwise it is relieving you of your mental stress, gives you more spiritual peace, it showers upon you love. The Faith in truth rises. These words are not part of moral speeches – they give you eternal peace as well. Take other way. If you take up a job for a consideration, accomplish the job and get the reward. It will also give you peace of mind that at least, you finished one job and got opportunity to take up another one, essential for your survival, your happy life, and your investments etc.As much you work, the greater would be your experiences and if you are equipped with variety of them, your personality will speak itself. Then, you may become a preferred personality in a crowd. You must keep yourself busy always – empty mind will spoil you. The work-alcoholics search out their passion even in their leisure time by cultivating their hobby, like garnering, riding, swimming or teaching.

Why should you not speculate?

He who always speculates as to what awaits him in future, accomplishes nothing and sometime, gets loss of his time, energy and money as well in awaiting something to happen. What you understand is true and good for doing; you must do immediately without awaiting for another incident to happen, if that is not an option otherwise in your plan. The span of our life is so short – we can not imagine how much period is with us to accomplish our tasks. Believe it that God is there to dispense the results, and your efforts is under your control. If you do it sincerely, you will get results. If you do not do and just speculate, nothing would be within your reach, somebody else will take away your piece of cheese. All of us have certain duties – for ourselves, our relatives, our friends, our parents and those who perhaps do not know us or we do not know them, in the name of humanity. If we perform them diligently, we can expect them to perform their duties to us if we fall in need. If we do not do, how can we expect others? They should also be doing speculation – it is reciprocal system of social conducts.

Kindly put God in every work and say, “God, I am doing the job as assigned. If I am doing it sincerely, I can hope that you will bestow upon me your blessings and let me have the results.” He is there to reward you. Consider that work is true worship of God. False desires, or you can say your speculation, can bring miseries to you and all the concerned with your fake dreams.

How can you become Master of your work?

This you know, everyone comes in this world, afresh. He learns everything here. If he does not learn, he will have to depend upon someone else to do. It is slavery. Slaves do not have their own entity, their own personality. They are known by the name of their masters only. Would you like to lead such life? No, none may like. Work incessantly. Mould your working as you are enjoying it. You must love to work and you must love work as you do with your spouse or children or your precious possessions. You must plan the work before hand, in such a way that you must not break down before completing it.

If you love work and have freedom to do it, you will be master of the same and won’t be distracted with any consideration other than you expected initially. Sometime, you may forget to collect and start other one. The results will come themselves. If you do it as an employee, your enjoyment will finish as soon as you get your salary. Your master will not permit you to take credit of that. Your accomplishment how much it be great, would never become an embodiment of your personality.

How can you do good work?

Doing good work for the society adds up to your personality. It is our duty too, if we wish for good society ever. Our duty to the society means helping others in the hour of their need. Why should we do it? Apparently to help the society but really it is an investment to help ourselves. We should always try to help others, that should be the highest motive in us but if we consider well, we find that the society does not need our help at all. It did not come into existence that I or you will come forward to help. God has made this earth and asks us to enjoy it – enjoyment is possible if we share it with each other. Otherwise, there start fights for any reason – land encroachment, water, public ways, other community facilities and other petty matters. These fights inflict sorrows not only to the families involved in the issues but they become harmful to others also who are not involved at all. We must avoid such fights. This way too, we can do good work by developing harmonious atmosphere in the society through organizing get-together meetings of different sections, celebrating festivals of national importance, becoming hosts in the functions of other communities, rendering help without consideration of caste, creed and color.There are so many such ways.

Actually, wisdom, knowledge, wealth, men, strength, prowess and whatever else nature gathers and provides to us are only for diffusion equally when the moment of need is at hand. We often forget this fact and put our stamp “Mine Only” upon such heavenly deposits. This way, we sow the seed of our own ruin. We must avoid it. If we do it and our act of avoidance is known to public, it adds up to our personality.

Personality development is crucial for our success and our happiness. It has more dimensions to think upon, we may discuss further in the next post. For the time being, we may concentrate on the above details in this process.

Be Happy – Develop Your Personality Further.