Discover the Natural Solutions to Women’s Low Back Pain

Discover the Natural Solutions to Women’s Low Back Pain : Low back pain can be a debilitating condition that restricts women of all ages from fully enjoying their daily activities. The good news is that now there is a natural solution to help alleviate this pain and discomfort.

Introducing Michelle Andrie, a renowned Yoga Therapist who has developed the revolutionary Heal.thy Low-Back Program. Michelle’s expertise and personal journey in overcoming low back pain have inspired her to create an interactive book called “Heal.thy Low-Back,” making her effective program accessible to everyone.

“Heal.thy Low-Back” takes a comprehensive, whole-body approach to healing, empowering individuals to understand and resolve their unique low back challenges. Michelle’s extensive experience in Yoga Therapy, Myofascial Release Therapy, and the energy body enables her to provide practical guidance in the book. Through specific myofascial release methods, stretching routines, and strengthening exercises, readers embark on a transformative journey to identify the root causes of their low back pain and develop a personalized daily practice to address these underlying issues.

Heal.thy Low-Back
Heal.thy Low-Back

With thirty-three years of expertise in the field, Michelle Andrie is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping as many people as possible find relief from lower back pain.

After personally going through her own journey of recovery and rediscovering a fulfilling life, which included invigorating activities like swimming in the ocean, Michelle deeply understands the profound joy and empowerment that arises from feeling secure, resilient, and capable within one’s own body. It is precisely this transformative experience that she wholeheartedly aims to share with her readers.

Myofascial release, breath work, understanding the energy maps of the body, and yoga therapy have the primary physical benefit of healing the root cause of physical challenges, subsequently alleviating symptoms such as pain, tension, and tightness. This allows individuals to reclaim their lives and engage in activities they love,” shared Andrie.

If you are one of the countless individuals suffering from low back pain and yearning for a way to release it, “Heal.thy Low-Back” is the book you need. Michelle Andrie has successfully guided numerous people through her program, enabling them to once again embrace a fulfilling life. Kimberly Williamson, one of Michelle’s clients, described the program as life-changing and highly recommends it.

There is so much I like about this book. I love that Michelle shares her own story of chronic pain and the process of getting out of it.

I truly appreciate that she accounts for the entire being (ie. physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). So much of our pain is related to something else in our lives that needs to be released or transformed. In regards to the physical, she beautifully showed how different parts of the body affect others parts, in ways I hadn’t realized before.

She also gives great insight and instructions on dealing with paIn. It is clear that she wants to help empower readers to heal themselves.” Tonya Tyler

Michelle’s Top Three Tips for Healing Women’s  Low Back Pain

  1. To identify the root cause of the issue. The four most common factors contributing to this type of pain are held stress, anger or fear, and the desire for control.
  2. To create a daily practice that includes myofascial release and yoga stretches targeting those muscles that are tight and causing the low back challenge. Once the tight muscles release, add core strengthening practices to your daily routine. While doing your daily practice, you must consciously breathe out the stress, anger, fear, and control.
  3. Create a new healthy low back posture that will sustain a healthy & happy low back.

It takes, on average, two months of doing the program laid out in my book to release your low back pain.

Take the first step towards a pain-free life today and check out her website and read her book. Get back to a full life.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to free yourself from low back pain.

Learn more about Michelle Andrie and her transformative book by visiting her website at:

Heal.thy Low-Back” is available for purchase on Amazon at

Michelle Andrie
Michelle Andrie

For additional information, join the Heal.thy Low-Back Facebook group or follow Michelle Andrie on Instagram (@agelessmovemore).




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Discover the Natural Solutions to Women’s Low Back Pain

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