Discover the Power of Believing

You truly believe something – have faith that it will happen, it really will happen. All we have to do is to keep believing. Now, we know a lot of people don’t completely accept that idea and then, there are those who say they practice it but really don’t truly practice it. They just think they do. But there are those who are living examples of this concept – people who truly practice Believing and have tremendous success.

Ever wonder why or how they do that? Well it’s really not that complicated. But before you can establish your power of believing – so that you achieve your goals – you need to have a number of elements in place before this Power of Believing can help you achieve your goals. When you follow the process, you will be working with the power of believing and you will project yourself to success.

What You Believe is What You Get

Recent studies show that a person who believes they are truly sick and that they are going to die will not fare as well as someone who believes they can recover and will survive. And those who believe they will get better usually go on to live a healthy lifestyle.You know! Today doctors teach their patients more the power of positive thinking and how their beliefs will impact their chances of survival.

Since the turn of the Century (2000 and forward) researchers have begun taking closer look at the impact the state of a person’s mind has on their health and life. Those that have completed their studies have found that what we think and the state of our mind have a direct impact on our life, reality and health.For example: a person who is constantly stressed, spends little or no time meditating, has a negative or bleak outlook on life is more prone to sickness, will have an unhealthy lifestyle and is more likely to be in an unstable relationship.

A person who takes time to meditate, has a positive outlook and believes he or she can and will cope is more likely to be in better health, look younger and will have more positive fulfilling relationships. So how does what we believe impact our lives?

What you believe is what you get! Some of you may not accept that – but here’s what happens when you believe something. If you believe that relationships are difficult and require a lot of work, you’ll only attract people who will make the relationship difficult or force you to put a lot of work into it. More importantly if you worry about something, you basically believe the worst and you’ll likely get the worst.

That doesn’t happen all of the time and there is a reason for it not happening all of the time. Even though you worry, a small part of you is hopeful that you’ll have a positive outcome and thus a complete disaster is often avoided. However, if you were to only worry and think of the worst at all times, never being hopeful, then, you could be setting up yourself for a massive disaster.

But there is more to believing than just creating beliefs. Having positive beliefs is the first step toward creating a positive and successful life. Believing is something completely different.Here’s an example: You may have positive beliefs about money; you may have a belief that there are plenty of ways to make money. But if you don’t believe that you will make money – you won’t make the amount that you are hoping for.

A belief is the way you feel about something – it’s deeply rooted and if I asked you a question about it you’d have an answer. Believing something is to trust that what you want can and will happen. There is not a single doubt that it will happen – you completely trust and know that it will happen. Many people I speak to are missing this element in their daily lives. They’ll do all of the other work that is necessary to achieve their goals – but they can’t get this element of believing into their system. So, how do we begin believing so that we can create the life we want?

How To Change Your Beliefs

In many ways we’ve been raised to not believe. If you can’t see it – it’s not real – that’s what we’re taught. But believing is vital to our survival and success. If we could only believe that everything would work out and trust that what you want can and will happen – you’d have remarkable results. Your life would change in ways you never thought possible. But for some reason – most people just can’t believe that things will workout for them. They look at past results and judge their future on those results.

Let me ask you a few simple questions: Do you believe, without a doubt, that you can and will have everything that you want in life? Do you believe without a doubt that you will be guided to the right situation at the right time – no matter what you will get to where you want to be in life? Do you believe, without a doubt, that there is always a way to achieve your goals – you just have to find it?

If you answered no or maybe to any of the above questions – then you don’t believe – and therefore won’t be able to accomplish your goals and live the life you want. Believing requires a complete trust that everything will workout. That you will do your part in finding solutions while trusting and knowing that you can and will get what you want out of life.

Here’s an example of believing that most of us can relate to on some level. If you have a child or if a friend or a relative has a newborn child, think about that child for a moment. Think about the earliest time that you saw that child.Remember when it couldn’t even feed itself or make a sound. It had no motor coordination and didn’t really recognize things very well. Now assuming this was a healthy child – when it was at that stage – did you or it’s parent – ever doubt that it would learn to walk? The answer is no. Everybody was convinced; everybody believed that the child would learn to walk. That’s the kind of belief needed to achieve your goals.

You have to believe that things will workout – no doubts – just trust in yourself, your inner powers and the powers that be, that everything will workout.

Be Happy – Discover the Power of Believing.