Discover Yourself

We all are in this world to experience our own reality, to enjoy and pass the time allotted to us by Him. But most of us reach a place where we are not so content with our lives conventionally. Some people are found adventures to enjoy their lives. Really, life is intended to be lived here in great joy, with great wisdom, and with energy abounding.

But many people live in a state of fear, or exhaustion, or depression, often because they are not living the true life. They just do what they see others are doing. They do not apply their wisdom to know whether they are living in right direction, with right people and with right cause and infrastructure available with them. They do not do anything to improve them too.

A lot can change if we ever make self-discovery. So far we may be following someone else’s mandates or beliefs, or we may be allowing our souls to remain blocked until we are ready to fully experience our truth. To enjoy, we need to bring more joy into our life, ways in which we are able to express our true self, ways in which we may give love to others and receive love for ourself. We must look deeper inside ourself and discover where our joy may lie dormant, we need to activate that. We must continue to look until we find the things, which bring to us the joy and then begin doing them. We may not find our truth entirely the next moment. It may take years for one to open fully to one’s self, after years of self-denial. But once we begin to discover the things, we would get success surely.

Since our truths are within us, deep inside where we place them, this is a time to know who we are. It’s a time to allow that to be enough. It’s not a time to seek ourselves in the external world, for that world holds no answers for us. We must allow ourself to experience our reality as fully as possible, as if we then discover there are places which are not in alignment with our truth, allow them to slowly dissolve, to release from our being. As we become more aligned with our truth, we would become happier with our life – even though we are letting go of many aspects of our former self. Our life will come more into balance; we may become the being we are here.To be happy, we need to discover ourselves first and then resolve how we can be happy by nurturing our true wishes.