DIY Christmas Card Ideas

It’s a good idea to think about something really special you can make this Christmas for your close people. You can begin with presenting them a cute handmade Christmas card. In order to help you, I have a few awesome and simple ways to make a Christmas card at home. Let’s start right now. Take a look at these ideas and decide which of them you like most of all.

1. Photo cards

One of the easiest Christmas cards is a photo card. This is awesome if you decide to make a holiday card that will remind the recipient some great times you spent together. You can have a portrait picture of both of you on the top of it and write down your wishes. In order to fit the season, stick the photo of a Christmas tree or a beautiful winter landscape.

2. 3D cards

Nowadays 3D is not only related to games and movies. It’s possible to achieve such kind of effect when creating your Christmas card too. It can be easily made from pleated paper rectangles.

3. Embossed cards

These cards are certainly cute and spread the Christmas joy in a wonderful way. It’s better to take silver and golden embossed postcards to create your own one really sparkling. Additionally, you will need to take a stamp pad and a bit of embossing powder. The choice is yours what kind of design you will use.

4. Glitter cards

You can always add a bit of stylish glitter to your Christmas postcards to make it extra special! For example, cut out a flower from paper or take a pressed flower, use glitter on one side and allow it to dry. After that, glue it on some cardstock. Write down the greetings on the back side of your new holiday card.

5. Rickrack cards

These Christmas cards are very easy to make and you can ask your kids to help you. You will need such things as wavy cotton strips and rickracks to make various Christmas wishes. Choose between a cute wreath, a candelabrum, Christmas tree or snowflakes. I personally prefer snowflakes, though Christmas tree is also a fabulous idea!

6. Ribbon cards

Using ribbon is always great when you need to make Christmas cards. Do not glue or tap them, just sew the ribbons and your Christmas cards will look neat. It’s lovely to use green ribbons and make the holiday postcard in a Christmas tree shape!

7. Pop-up cards

Don’t you think that pop-up cards are wonderful not only to make but also to get? This holiday season make a pop-up holiday card to give to your close people. You can have a reindeer, a snowman or a Christmas tree inside the card.

8. Gift cards

It’s really special when you send the postcard with a lovely little gift or tie strips around it. At the beginning, take a card stock and bend it in half. Glue it on the front part of your postcard and paste a strip in the bow form.

9. Snowflake cards

To make a beautiful snowflake postcard you will need to use origami paper. Cut out different patterns from this paper and glue the best ones on the card. These cards are easy to make and you will have so much fun, especially if you make it with your family.

10. Holly cards

One more DIY Christmas card idea is Holly cards. You just have to cut out a pattern of a Holly leaf, and then use it to draw more leaves of various tones of green card stock. At the end, paste them on your postcard in any design you like. Be sure your Holly postcard will stand out!

Nowadays many of us are trying to save money during the holiday seasons, and we are looking for different ways to do it. I think making a homemade Christmas card is a great ways to save a little cash for more important things. Do you like these ideas? Do you have your own? Please share them with us.


DIY Christmas Card Ideas