Electronic Files: 4 Online PDFBear Tools You’ll Need to Manage Your PDF Files

Electronic Files: 4 Online PDFBear Tools You’ll Need to Manage Your PDF Files : PDF is a portable file format that many people use today. Business owners utilize this format to manage their electronic files. Even small and big industries take advantage of the benefits of using files in PDF format. It’s a file that’s easy to use and very convenient to share with other devices.

In fact, PDF files don’t consume much storage of whatever device you’re using. That’s why many users download these files on their smartphone for easy retrieval. You’ll surely enjoy the benefit of accessing your electronic files whenever and wherever you are. However, if you have tons of PDF files, you might encounter problems dealing with them every day.

You don’t have to worry because PDFBear has many tools online that will help you with your electronic files. Read the details below to know the different online tools that will give you the convenience of an effective way to manage your PDF files.

JPG to PDF Conversion Tool

One of the tools online that you’ll need for your electronic files is the conversion tool from PDFBear. If you’re looking for a specific file format that you can’t find in your computer storage or smartphone, you better need to convert your existing electronic files. You can convert files from JPG to PDF format when you need secure files to attach to your emails.

If you want to upload your files online or on a company website, you need to convert them to JPG for better results. Remember that every file format has both strengths and weaknesses, so you need to convert one to the correct format to make your tasks done efficiently.

Merge PDF Tool

When you have tons of electronic files, it tends to be unorganized in your computer folder or smartphone, especially if you are a busy person. It’s one of the problems that some users encounter when dealing with electronic files. However, one tool online that you’ll need to help you out with this problem is the merge PDF tool.

As the name implies, the merge PDF tool will let you combine multiple PDF documents into one file. You can integrate files of the same purpose, similar content, or the same year of creation. You can employ whatever ways of categorization that will work for you.

Make sure to put a new name to the merged files for easy access in the future. By doing this, if you have thousands of electronic files, it’ll surely become a few hundred to save space in your computer folder or smartphone and have easy retrieval whenever you need these files again.

Repair PDF Tool

When dealing with tons of electronic files at work or school, you might have encountered some files that you can’t open or view their content. These files might be corrupted or damaged. Hence, you’ll need a repair PDF tool online. The tool will fix your damaged PDF files to make them functional and usable again.

However, some files are impossible to be recovered, especially those with technical problems or entirely corrupted by a computer virus. But for those files that can still be fixed, there are many reliable repair PDF tools you can find online.

Protect PDF Tool

Security is one of the important things you need to observe for your electronic files. However, file-sharing could put the information on the PDF files at risk. That’s why you need to protect your files from unauthorized access and use. Hence, you need the protect PDF tool to help you put a password to assure you that only the allowed people can access your electronic files.


Dealing with tons of PDF files at work or school might give you stress. However, the various online tools discussed above will surely help manage and organize all your electronic files most effectively and efficiently. If you haven’t tried any of these online tools, you better try them and explore what they can do to your PDF files.









Electronic Files: 4 Online PDFBear Tools You’ll Need to Manage Your PDF Files

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