Enhance Your Income By Effective Selling. (Part 3)

For enhancing your income, you need to switch over from the employees’ section if you are working somewhere against some salary based on time, add business if you can afford to remain employee and work part-time for the business, do business or render professional services if you are doing it independently, you may have to increase your network of the customers/clients. Now business online is getting popular as it is growing to be difficult for the consumer to approach the suppliers/ manufacturers personally due to shortage of time. You can work over that also.
For marketing online, you need to build lists of the contacts. More contacts mean more prospective clients/customers. For enhancing the contacts, you can set up a blog and give people away an e-Book or a subscription to a newsletter for free. In return, you may ask people for their email ids. This will become your list which you can start tapping. You may send emails to this list about your products and state your offers if you have any. When people are convinced about the quality of your product, they are very likely to make purchases from you.
Give people things free. But don’t do it without maintaining records of whom you have given things to. That would break the communication forever. Even if they want to get back to you, they might not have bookmarked your site and will not know where to find you. So, remind people to bookmark your site, use RSS feeds using Digg and StumbleUpon, etc. so that they know where you are. Most importantly, keep them on your list and keep promoting your stuff to them.
Continue to hold your customers’ Interest.

You need to do that in order to sway even the diehard customers over to your business. For some, a single sales pitch just will not seem to work.
This is actually where your actual sales expertise comes into play. Making a list of the benefits is actually one of the most common things to do. Everyone who makes a sales pitch for their product will do that. But what you have to see is how you can make it special so that your people can not resist purchasing it. One of the best ways to do that is to focus on how you and your product are better than the competition.
Keep the Interest Factor Alive.

Be sure that very few people will buy from you at the very first go. It becomes highly imperative for you to keep them hooked. Efforts’ conversions into sales will happen but they will be very low. In the offline world, it is much more likely that you have guaranteed purchases when people walk into the store, but even so when it comes to expensive things the rate of conversion is low.
So, what must you do to clinch the deal in such cases? The one most important thing you must do is to keep the interest factor alive. If you start building a list and trying to get it convert into sales, you may succeed. These people might purchase, but they want that push to do so. When you have them on the list, you could keep promoting to them through emails and newsletters. Remember that you shouldn’t send them such material without their opt-in permission because if you do so, you become a spammer, and there’s no dirtier tag than that when you are trying to something on the Internet.
But send them quality material. Send them stuff that will really interest them. Research on what drives this particular niche. They might want to know more about how-to stuff, DIY stuff, or maybe some tips and figures interest them. Whatever it is they want to know, keep giving them such stuff at regular intervals.
The idea is to keep them hooked on. These people may have become interested in what you are trying to sell when they first visited you, but now they might be losing interest. When one of your meaningful emails comes into their inbox, their dwindling interest gets a shot in the arm. If things are going too long, you might even consider inviting them to download another eBook or sign up for another newsletter subscription for free. It works.
Probably you could get another marketer to giveaway things with you. Such collaboration works in mutual interest. People who are selling offline could also do this by announcing offers and informing people through snail-mail. But the Internet tops when you are doing such recurrent marketing.

What You Can Sell and What You Cannot.

Yes, you can sell anything to anyone, or let us make that ‘most things’. There are some things that you cannot and shouldn’t sell. You can sell anything to anyone. There are some things that you shouldn’t sell. But, even then this works for you, because when you know what these things are, you anyway won’t sell them. These things can be:
Illegal Stuff

Our governments have demarcated the legal things and illegal things. We live in this society and want to prosper and become rich in it, so it is most important that you don’t sell any illegal stuff. In fact, people who sell illegal stuff are stupid. They take risks without reason. You can make a much higher profit selling legal stuff because there are more buyers who will be ready to buy it. You can market much more openly. Your prospects can increase thousand-fold. The profits in rightfully operated legal businesses are much more than those made through illegal ones.
Plagiarized Stuff

Don’t sell anything that belongs to someone else. There’s the human factor that you need to consider first. Someone probably spent blood, sweat, tears and money in developing that product. Passing it off in your name is downright unethical. And it can backfire seriously. People who have come researching for your product probably know of the other products that exist in the market too, especially if they have been looking online. One look at your product and they will know that it is infringed. Your credibility takes a serious knockout.
Failed or expired Stuff

Whatever it takes, don’t rehash failed products and sell them as new. People see through that easily. They will associate your name with the failed products and that will not bode well for your popularity too.
Gain Perfection in the Art of Salesmanship

Perfection comes through experience. No one can call themselves a perfect salesperson because there are always people who won’t buy your product, despite your best efforts. There are many things that come into play here, and you need not take your failures in this field personally – it’s not always about your product or about yourself – but you can definitely keep improving your sales skills.
That improvement comes through practice. The more you try to sell things, the more you learn. You learn what works and what doesn’t. You learn what type of customer you can sell to and what type you can’t. You learn who will keep buying from you and who will just be a drifter. You learn what you must open your dialog with to make the maximum impact on someone who visits you.
These things are learnt through practice. Here, it is very important not to let failures bog you down. If you couldn’t sell something to someone, try a different approach. Maybe when you fail in a sale you can clearly see where you erred. Or maybe you won’t. But the point is to keep on with your efforts.
You may note down these points:-
  • There is no guarantee that a person will buy from you, regardless of the efforts you put into making the sale. However, you can always increase the chances of them buying your product. You can do this by making your product more attractive for them.
  • Remember that your product won’t be there for ever, whatever it is. That is the reason you need to keep improving it by bringing new versions, updates and stuff.
  • Every failed sale teaches you something. With this education, you can make better sales.
  • Always keep a lookout on how other people are marketing their stuff. In fact, buy from them. See what convince people to buy from them.
  • Keep improving. Keep evolving. You will be a better salesperson tomorrow than you are today just because you kept trying.
Selling isn’t difficult in the first instance. Your expertise is there how to continue. You only need to know what ticks. Experience teaches you that wonderfully. Selling is an art. And like other arts, it may not come naturally to people. But there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be an expert in sales. You can enhance your income by effective sales.
Be Happy – Enhance Your Income By Effective Selling.