Enjoy Natural Results With Surgical Labia Contouring

Enjoy Natural Results With Surgical Labia Contouring : Many different factors can have an impact on the size and shape of the labia, and some women struggle with a large or asymmetrical labia minora that impacts everything from their daily comfort to their sexual health.

If you are tired of dealing with medical or cosmetic issues as a result of your labia minora, then it might be time to consider labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. These procedures have very high success rates, and you could experience a wide array of benefits following your operation.

The Pros and Cons of Traditional Labia Minor Reduction

The traditional labia minora reduction procedure has been around for many years, and it can be very successful in some situations. During that operation, the surgeon will excise a small piece of tissue from the labia minora with a scalpel, scissors, or a medical-grade laser. Following the treatment, the patient’s labia minora is going to be smaller, but the results might not be ideal.

In some cases, the scar that was created from the incision is going to be very visually distinct. A patient might also have to deal with chronic discomfort from the scar whenever they are engaging in physical activities or wearing tight clothing.

After a traditional “slice technique” labia minora reduction operation, there might also be an unnatural transition between the upper and lower labium. These are just a few of the reasons why many patients are now choosing the “central wedge” or “V” labiaplasty operation. That vaginal reconstruction procedure often produces much more natural results, and it can provide a patient with a whole host of benefits.

Why the Central Wedge Technique?

There are quite a few reasons why a patient might prefer the wedge technique labiaplasty. In addition to being unhappy with the appearance of the labia minora, they could also be experiencing quite a few problems with their sexual life. This technique can be combined with laser treatments and other cutting-edge procedures that promote sexual wellness and make sex pleasurable once again. Central wedge labiaplasty and laser treatments only take around two hours to complete, and many patients can resume all normal activities within two or three days of their procedures.

Following Your Operation

If you and your surgeon decide that these treatments might be right for you, then you will need to be ready for a short recovery period. During the first few days, you should be able to manage the discomfort with the painkillers that are prescribed to you by the surgical team. Your surgeon might also suggest the use of ice packs to minimize inflammation.

In most cases, patients can take a shower the day after the procedure and resume sexual intercourse within six weeks. You should also be able to resume exercising within a week or two of the labiaplasty as long as you aren’t experiencing any unusual side effects.







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Enjoy Natural Results With Surgical Labia Contouring

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