Escorts: How to make clients / men love you?

Escorts: How to make clients / men love you?
Escorts: How to make clients / men love you?

Escorts: How to make clients / men love you? It’s not easy to make a customer love you – it just happens naturally. From my observations, investing in “fake” behavior does not bring benefits or attract healthy people.

Be yourself! Be like a escort Lyon. Love is something we cannot plan or predict. It happens. I tried to experience different behaviors towards my clients. I’ve found that being who I really am is the best.

I tried to analyze the men who love me: why do they love me?

I love myself because I am “true” with them. I noticed that the men who loved me were the ones I wasn’t trying to impress. I was indifferent to them at the initial meetings… and I really wasn’t interested in being with them. Maybe my independence as a escort is appealing to some men… they find it challenging that apparently I don’t need them.

I would advise women to be cared for and shine to make clients love them, but I can say that I also saw less “polished” girls who had a lot of admirers. I no longer believe that investing heavily in outdoor beauty can bring many admirers (sure, outdoor beauty could attract men, but it will not be enough for them to kneel in front of you).

What is the difference between a normal escort and a high class Escort?

There is no real difference. The only difference is marketing and addressing different types of customers. A girl can play two roles: a regular escorts which means more clients, lower price; or a high-end “exclusive” Launceston Escorts, which means limited clientele and high prices.

However, at the end of the day, a regular escort and a high class escort are the same thing. Services, privacy and beauty are subjective, whether or not an escort is “first class”. I have seen amazing women working for two different agencies… one that is exclusive and very expensive and another with average prices and more clients. There is no rigid limit, as many regular escorts can become courtesans with a more limited popularity. Conversely, a courtesan can easily fall into the social hierarchy of prostitutes.

Do prostitutes remember their strangest clients?

Yes! How can I forget the man who licked my armpit, or who paid me for 8 hours to lick my legs, hands and back without having sex; or the man who paid me to massage but never took off his clothes.

When a group of escorts talk about “weird” clients it’s very funny. Many girls laugh at the fetishes their clients have. Most of the time, I don’t mind men with weird fetishes and I try to understand their unconventional fixes. It is tragic that certain sexual acts are called “strange” indicating indirectly that some sexual acts are more executed than others. In sex, there should be a variety of desires, so that nothing is considered “strange”. Personally, I like men who have fetishes.






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Escorts: How to make clients / men love you?