Everything to Know About Permanent Lash Liner

Everything to Know About Permanent Lash Liner : When it comes to defining the eyes, the lash liner plays a huge role. Permanent eyeliner is the way to go when you need boldly or subtly defined eyes.

Permanent cosmetic eyeliner or eyelash augmentation, can bring more focus to your eye color, enlarge eye size, brighten tired-looking eyes, and make you look years younger. Women with pale lashes can produce a defined look without makeup by using tattoos on eyeliner. Those who wear eyeliner daily will find this procedure a lifesaver, as they won’t have to put on eyeliner every day thus saving time.

Individuals can go for a defined natural look or a thicker, more dramatic and exotic appearance. There are a variety of unique eyeliner tattoo colors to pick from for persons with blue or green eyes.

You can choose between a baby liner that flawlessly hugs your lash line and enhances your eye shape and a lash enhancement with a permanent liner. To provide a bigger lash look or a tight line eyeliner look, a lash augmentation is created by placing little dots between each lash.

The ink used on the eye is permanent, but will however need touch-ups every three to five years. This offers longevity and character to the face making it a worthy investment to consider.

Pre-preparation procedure before treatment

If you’re thinking about getting permanent eyeliner, meet with a professional technician first to weigh your options and learn more about the service. There are several styles to choose from, and once you’ve decided on the best eyeliner for you, you can proceed with your treatment. It’s always a good idea to bring in some inspiration photos or designs that you might have gathered.

Before treatment, the beautician will begin with a consultation to check the state of the eyes and whether the permanent ink will suit the individual’s aesthetic. A proper beautician will make designs for each client for them to gauge which style will best suit them.

The process begins with a less permanent lash line for the client to gauge the level of thickness or intensity they might want. This also helps correct any mistakes and get the right angle that is desired, thus acting like a trial run before the permanent eyeliner.

For someone who wears eye makeup regularly, the classic winged eyeliner can provide a subtle lift to the eyes. When receiving touch-ups, you can always start small and add more as you go.

It is advisable to inform your therapist if you have any allergies. Some clients may be allergic to the pigment used to color their skin. Patients are advised not to take aspirin or ibuprofen for two days before or after the cosmetic eyeliner procedure. Do not stop taking any medications without first consulting with your doctor. Many artists also advise against drinking coffee or alcohol the night before treatment. Unless waived on request, a patch test will be performed.

Eyeliner tattoos are permanent. Therefore, it is best to be sure about this treatment as you cannot change your mind after the procedure and expect it to be removed.

To avoid irritation, avoid using any sensitizing skincare products such as retinol or glycolic acid around the eye area for a full week before your appointment. The patient should also arrive at the appointment with clean skin that is free of makeup.

What to expect during the procedure

This procedure has been refined over the years to become more of a relaxing treatment. Therefore, individuals may only feel a slight discomfort unlike years ago. Those with a low pain tolerance have reported the ability to even fall asleep while having the procedure.

The service lasts forty-five minutes to an hour, and the area is numbed with a topical cream before application. If you are properly numbed, you will feel a slight buzzing along the lashes where the needle is applying the ink-the skin is slightly broken during the first pass of the needle, but you will not experience any bleeding or discomfort. The eyes will then be washed with a saline wash.

You’ll need to return for a touch-up appointment to check the shape and color of your healed eyeliner and make any necessary adjustments. This occurs only after the skin has healed, which usually takes 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure. The price includes your top-up.

Because of factors such as sun exposure and skin tone, permanent makeup fades over time. After about 12-18 months, schedule a free consultation with me to discuss a color boost, which is discounted for returning customers.

Benefits of the permanent lash liner

The advantages of getting an eyeliner tattoo range from not needing to wear eyeliner anymore (if you frequently wear it as part of your beauty routine) to improving the shape of your eyes. The treatment also lasts between two and five years before requiring a touch-up, which is fairly long in comparison to other beauty treatments. Finally, because you don’t need eyelashes to get this procedure, it’s a popular treatment for those who have sparse lashes, hair loss, and/or alopecia to enhance the eye area.

Aftercare procedure

It is important to take care of the eyes well enough to avoid the risk of infection or conjunctivitis. To keep the area moist, one can apply Paw Paw or Bepanthen cream three to four times per day, before and after showering.

Always wash your hands before applying healing balm, and use a clean cotton bud to do so to avoid cross-contamination. Before applying the next layer of cream, lightly wipe away the old one.

Itching and exfoliation are normal and necessary parts of the healing process. Picking, peeling, or scratching the area or color may result in uneven healing and the risk of scarring and infection. Allow the wound to flake naturally. Do not exercise or swim for at least forty-eight hours, and avoid swimming in salt or chlorinated water. Spas, saunas, and Jacuzzis should be avoided until ten days after the procedure.

Lastly, it is important to stay away from direct sunlight and apply sunscreen to prevent the eyeliner from fading.






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Everything to Know About Permanent Lash Liner

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