Everything You Need to Know About How Stem Cell Face Creams Work

Everything You Need to Know About How Stem Cell Face Creams Work

Everything You Need to Know About How Stem Cell Face Creams Work : The beauty industry is worth $532 billion globally.

This statistic may or may not surprise you. There are several ads we all see and the number of products that most people indulge in every day.

Stem cell face creams, one of the newest products on the market, are creating a new buzz throughout the world. However, many people are unsure of whether to trust this new product. They are skeptical of the promises of rejuvenation and anti-aging that cosmetic companies make.

Here is what you need to know about how stem cell facial creams work and whether or not you should invest in your own.

What Are Stem Cells?

Let’s start by talking about the root behind these stem cell therapy creams: stem cells.

Most people are aware that cells are the smallest unit of living beings. However, stem cells are a little different.

Stems cells, unlike normal cells, can divide and regenerate into different types of cells based on their host’s needs at the moment. They can be located anywhere in the body and grow to do any specialized task that your body needs them to do.

Stem cells do naturally occur in the human body. All fetuses in utero begin as a bunch of stem cells. As they develop, the cells specialize in the different types of cells in the body (e.g. skin cells, lung cells, intestinal cells, etc.).

Scientists around the world have become captivated by these cells. Many scientists believe that they have strange yet interesting capabilities.

These scientists and other curious leaders have composed multiple research studies about stem cells. They are learning how stem cells work in multiple settings, from curing cancer to enacting the anti-aging process.

Stem Cells in the World of Beauty

Scientists believe that stem cells signal the body’s present cells to regenerate. This may result in fewer wrinkles and young-looking skin.

Various beauty companies have made use of both plant and animal stem cells in their products. Both products have the potential to engage in these anti-aging processes.

However, plant stem cells are being used in most products. These are being chosen because of fear around possible disease transmission with animal stem cells.

Both animal stem cells and plant stem cells contain amino acids and peptides as well as antioxidant properties. These ingredients are all considered powerhouse ingredients for skin rejuvenation. This means that they are known to promote the growth of new cells that may have youth-promoting benefits.

Amino acids and peptides are the basics needed for cell regeneration. Antioxidants focus on skin nourishment, collagen production, and cell division. All of these processes together are thought to result in the younger-looking skin that the majority of the world wants.

All of these abilities are great for anyone who is looking to get rid of their fine lines and wrinkles. Only extracts of stem cells go into beauty products. These extracts are no longer living once they’re processed and put into a skincare product.

Entire stem cells themselves cannot be put into a product like a stem cell moisturizer because the cells are too large. They cannot fit in between the existing human cells that already reside on the human face. Therefore, scientists and other skin-loving individuals looked to extract the properties without taking the entire cell itself.

What Dermatologists Have to Say

Most dermatologists and other skincare experts are skeptical about the effects of stem cells on the skin. The skepticism comes with the realization that many companies are trying to get plant stem cell properties to work for human skin.

The truth is that plant cells cannot work with animal cells.

There is a genetic barrier that cannot be crossed here. Extracting stem cells properties may or may not be the fix for crossing the line between plant and animal biological properties.

Some dermatologists still consider the properties gathered by these techniques to be the best in skincare technology by far. Most of the skincare products that have been released to the public thus far have been surface-level fixes to cell-deep problems.

The use of stem cells has created a potential way for skin experts to go down to the cellular level and look at the creation of youthful skin there rather superficially.

Plant stem cell extracts, in particular, are cultivated in the lab before actually making it into the skincare product itself. Here, they are further injected with more peptides to enhance anti-inflammatory properties and further cell division and healing.

Beauty experts are starting to use stem cells because of their potential to activate regrowth and rejuvenation in cells. However, the science behind the use of stem cells—or even just stem cells extracts—is a little fuzzy and flawed.

Stem Cell Face Creams

Stem cells are, as you probably expected, used in stem cell facial creams the most. It seems like new commercials and advertisements for skin-tightening products are up every day. Buyers of beauty products are looking for the ideal, youthful skin that seems to be spreading in Hollywood like wildfire.

The best stem cell beauty products are worth looking into if you’re looking for a product that promises a more youthful appearing face. When looking at different beauty products in this realm, remember that creams like this have to be used regularly for a long time before results start showing.

Will You Give Stem Cell Creams a Try?

The important thing to remember is that there is no confirmed scientific statement on whether or not stem cell face creams work. There are also no statements on how plant cells react when in the presence of human cells. Plant cells cannot simply morph into human cells and magically start conducting human cell roles.

However, talking to your dermatologist is the best way to get advice about your personal skin needs from a professional. For more beauty product reviews and advice, make sure to check back with our Beauty blog often.







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Everything You Need to Know About How Stem Cell Face Creams Work

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