Exercise Bike – Nordictrack S22i Problems

Exercise Bike – Nordictrack S22i Problems : Exercise bikes could be a very effective machine if you are a fitness freak or thinking about losing weight. The Nordictrack S22i is an outstanding exercise bike with high-tech features. But unfortunately, some consumers have faced problems with it. In this article, I’m going to discuss the Nordictrack s22i problems and solutions.

Problems in Nordictrack s22i and Solutions:

Most users of Nordictrack s22i face the following problems:

  • Issues in Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Incline System is not working properly
  • The console doesn’t turn on
  • The screen is frozen
  • Erroneous Feedback in the Console
  • The console doesn’t stay in place
  • the bike doesn’t accurately detect pedaling
  • Resistance couldn’t be increased or decreased (not working properly)
  • Error in sleeping mode.
  • Grinding Noise coming from pedals

Issues in Wi-Fi connectivity and Solution:

Sometimes you may find that the Wi-Fi screen automatically turns on and off. Besides, many users found that Nordictrack S22i couldn’t discover any routers at all and, if discovered, can’t be connected. So, if you find such complications, you can try out the following things:

When there are many other networks available around, there could be interference while connecting to the same receptor. In this situation, you should change the channel on the router’s settings.

But, if you don’t get any solution, check whether the router has any priority option. If you find the opportunity, make sure your S22i is at the top ( while using it). I think this trick will resolve the issue.

Finally, if the solution mentioned above isn’t the perfect solution, turn off the bike and wait for a while (10-15 seconds) and power it on. Let the bike load for a bit. If the problem remains, you will have to reset the cycle hard.

Incline System is not working properly.

While using the bike for many years, the incline machine’s frame may fail to move at the proper incline level or stop functioning.  If the bike fails to move at the correct incline level, you have to check the owner’s manual ( page 27) and get the answer from “ How to change Console settings.” Afterward, calibrate the S22i in accordance with the answer. But, if this problem isn’t solved, then you have to reboot the system. I hope it will work, and if it doesn’t work, you have to visit the official website and get the reprogramming card for your exercise bike.

The console doesn’t turn on.

If the console doesn’t turn on, there could be two causes: you have to check whether the cord is plugged perfectly, and if it is damaged, you will have to replace the cord. Now, if you find out that it was not the reason behind this issue, you must check whether the power switch is in the reboot spot.

iFit related Issues

You may sometimes face troubles with your iFit workouts or iFit accounts. For example- you may face login issues or connect to the app. To solve this trouble, you have to visit support.iFit.com.

Erroneous Feedback in the Console

This type of problem may occur in a few Nordictrack s22i after years of service. If you notice that the console in the bike is providing erroneous feedback, you will have to adjust the reed switch immediately. Just in case you feel confused, you can check the manual book for assistance.

The console doesn’t stay in place.

Sometimes, Nordictrack users face problems like the console is loose and it doesn’t stay in the exact position. Therefore, it becomes difficult for users to see the measurement. You will have to tighten the M8 Lock Nut in this situation to overcome this circumstance. For assistance, you can check the manual book that comes with this exercise bike.

The bike doesn’t accurately detect pedaling.

While you are exercising in the Nordictrack S22i  and suddenly see that the pedaling is undetectable, try to do the following steps:

You will have to reboot the whole system, which will change all the settings to default, and the programs will be refreshed. In addition, if the problem happens after using it 3 or 4 times, you may need to reinstall the application from master control. In any case, if you see that the wire is damaged, you should call the Nordictrack customer care center, and their technician will repair it.

However, this type of scenario may occur, and if you want to avoid such problems with your Nordrictrack s22i, you must maintain the s22i bike by using lubricate in the gearbox and flywheel and check

Error in sleeping mode

Generally, Nordictrack s22i doesn’t have any power buttons; hence they will automatically go into sleep mode when you don’t use the machine for a few minutes. But, if it doesn’t turn off unquestionably after a few hours of inactivity, then you have to head off to the hidden admin mode, plus adjust the sleep settings and set your preferred time. However, always plug off the cord after using the bike to keep it healthy.

Grinding Noise coming from pedals

Whenever you hear the weird or friction sound from your s22i bike while pedaling s22i, firstly check the bearing of the bike. If you see that the bearings have worn off, they have to be replaced by professionals.

Resetting process of Nordictrack S22i

To reset the machine, you need another helping hand. Then you have to check and find the small pin-sized hole on the left side. Now, follow these steps:

Place the paperclip into the pinhole, then press and hold the clip. Afterward, while you are holding it, the other helping hand will put the power switch back on. Of course, you have to release the paper clip as soon as the machine screen gets on.


Undoubtedly, Nordictrack S22i is a fantastic exercise bike. But, you may face the problems mentioned above. So, I think you are now ready for any concerns about the s22i exercise bike. However, if you still have any questions or are facing new problems, just ask me in the comment box. And I will try to give accurate and helpful  information Thanks for reading.




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Exercise Bike – Nordictrack S22i Problems

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