Exercise Resistance Band Training At Home – Tips for Busy Women

Exercise Resistance Band Training At Home – Tips for Busy Women : As a society we are more aware of the benefits of exercise and training than ever before, but seem to find ourselves with less time than ever to set aside for it.

In between long work days and full social calendars, it can be demotivating to find there isn’t enough time to fit in a trip to the gym, never mind the time needed afterwards to freshen up and rest. On top of this, with gyms still rolling slowly out of lockdown, a trip to the gym might not just feel like it used to.

An alternative to going to the gym is of course to work out at home, cutting the journey to the gym out of your day is sure to save time. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need an expensive and heavy home gym to get a valuable training session in from the comfort of your own home.

With a simple, inexpensive set of resistance bands you can give your entire body a solid workout without having to fill your living space with benches and barbells. On top of this, if your life involves a lot of travel, you can easily take your resistance bands with you in a travel bag to get your workout in even when you’re on the road.

When shopping for resistance tubing kit, you’ll find the degrees of their resistance marked by their colour; yellow and green bands will generally have less resistance, red will be medium strength, whereas blue and black will present the most resistance.

The stronger resistance bands also known as booty bands are generally intended to work large muscles on the legs, with lighter colours well suited to arm exercises. Alongside strength, you will also get to pick between a looped band, or a simple straight band with handles at each end. For many of the exercises listed here, a looped band proves the most versatile option as it can be looped and positioned around the body whilst leaving the hands free.

The Best Exercises to Perform at Home

With resistance bands like an exercise band door anchor, you’ll find the exercises you can perform at home to be limitless, and the incorporation of small variations in posture and position can specifically target different muscles. Here are just a sample of the exercises you can perform to get your workout started.

Get a full workout for your arms, across the forearms and shoulders, with bicep curls, tricep extensions. In both of these exercises the feet are used to anchor the resistance band, as your arms extend it and return to rest.

For a bicep curl, stand with both feet on the band shoulder-width apart, and with one arm grasping the band with palm-outward knear your outer thigh, raise the band to your chin by bending at the elbow, before returning to rest.

For a tricep extension, with feet anchoring the band whilst standing, bring the band up to your shoulder behind your back, from here bend one arm at the elbow and hold the band behind your head. Extending the arm through the elbow until the arm is straight above your head, before returning slowly to the start position.

With a row, you can work the arms alongside the core. To perform a row with your resistance band, whilst sitting down hook the band beneath your feet with straightened legs, taking the band in hand, exhale and bring it towards your torso as you squeeze your shoulder blades together, before returning to the start position on the inhale. This exercise can also be performed with raised legs to target different muscles.






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Exercise Resistance Band Training At Home – Tips for Busy Women

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