Exercises You Must Avoid

Looking healthy and fit has become such a fad these days that even youngsters go to the gym to work out and train. Exercising and healthy eating habits are only a few ways people follow to stay in shape. But there are some exercises that you must avoid:

1. Running

Running is one of the best ways to burn those extra calories and get rid of all that fat. But it puts a great pressure on the joints and ligaments of the back. That extra pressure on your body can eventually cause muscle spasms. Opt for walking instead of running. It gives the same results without side-effects.

2. Abdominal crunches

Although this exercise is a perfect way to tone the muscles of the abdomen and get rid of stomach fat, it puts a great pressure on your backbone. When the pressure on your backbone builds up, it can cause backache that can be also permanent. You must avoid doing this exercise.

3. Shoulder press

Doing a shoulder press requires good shoulder flexibility, in the absence of it there is a big risk of possible injury. It can cause injury to the rotator cuff muscle in the shoulder area. While doing this exercise you may put a lot of stress on your shoulders and neck.

4. Sit-ups

Most people perform the sit-ups to work the muscles of the abdomen, but these exercises don’t help the muscles because the muscles get toned isometrically. Moreover, it causes tension and strain in the lower back muscles and the spinal cord. Avoid doing this for a pain-free lower back.

5. Seated leg press

If you do this exercise incorrectly, it can lead to severe backache. While doing this exercise, make sure that you have a trainer along with you. If you don’t have a trainer, you must avoid this exercise!

6. Upright rows

Finally, this is probably the most dangerous exercise you can expose your shoulders to. When you raise a weight, you put too much stress on a small tendon in your shoulder. This will be a slow injury and you will not even realize it until the tendon snaps because of wear.

These are only a few of exercises you must avoid. Do you know some others? Share your thoughts, please!


Exercises You Must Avoid