Experience Your Self

You have the free will to feel anything that you can imagine or create. Your free will can be influenced by your aptitude or if you are not prejudiced. One day, I was sitting outside on the patio in the morning with a cup of tea watching the sun coming up, and feeling a cool breeze from the water below me. I was trying to Imagine being in a realm where you could not experience the five senses.

What would it be like to know everything that is to know all the secrets of the universe? What would it be like to know a fresh cup of tea in the morning but not be able to see, taste, or smell it? What would it be like to know a sunrise, but not be able to experience it? We may imagine ourselves all alone in a space where we could only experience nothing. Now from time to time, I long to be in that space. At this moment with my cup in hand and the warmth of the sun on my face, I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I can imagine being before God, being all there is, all knowing, and all-powerful experiencing just that. To know everything and not being able to experience that knowing – no sensations, no feelings and no emotion – what would it be like?

You can imagine yourself, but until you have experienced that awareness. It’s just a thought with no purpose. I can imagine myself studying for years to be a doctor or a lawyer and then not being able to be a lawyer or doctor. There would be no purpose in the absolute world. The purpose of life is simply to experience being alive. It is humanity that acknowledges his own existence and creates a purpose for his physical life. That purpose is experienced by the creator through you. You are in fact, the creator experiencing all the things that it knows, in three dimensional physical life.

Within you, you have all the attributes and characteristics of the creator. You have the power of the free will to experience anything that you can imagine or create. All your present belief systems and experiences are real only for the time that you are experiencing them. They are all illusions; they are your personal experiences. They are meant to be sensationalized and experienced. They are addictive. None other than you can experience or you can not be dictated upon to experience a particular imagination.
All aspects of the one mind, the one should, work together in a beautifully choreographed experience that is shared. There are no victims, only souls that are working together from free will to experience it. There are no accidents, no tragedies, no natural disasters, no births or deaths that do not have the complete consent of those involved, at some level of consciousness. The awareness of these things brings with it the ability to participate at a conscious level, and the ability to change at will your involvement in these things. You can go through life as a victim, or as a willing partner – either one is a personal choice. Life happens with or without your conscious awareness of what is going on. This awareness brings only the conscious free will to understand and appreciate what is going on.

From this area of enlightenment comes the understanding of how things work, and all experiences are welcomed and sought after. From this awareness comes the true meaning of absolute freedom and unconditional love – the love of self, and the life you are living because you are doing it willingly. From this perspective, tragedy is no longer experienced that way death is welcomed as a new beginning and struggle is appreciated for the experience. From this awareness one can see all the beginnings and the endings, and most choose to come back and experience the trip again and again under reincarnation.

Life is seen for what it is when you are no longer a prisoner, when you let go of old thoughts and beliefs. You cannot experience the full potential of which you are capable while you languish in restrictive imagination and limiting thoughts. You are beautiful, you are free, and you are God living in this body. Be Godlike in your thoughts and in what you want to experience. Set yourself free to imagine anything without being pre-biased. You can be friend to your enemy if you once put on his shoes, if you once think out why the enmity started and where you were responsible for the strained relationship. If you did some wrong, you should find out why it could not be avoided. You must find out how you can repair the damage – try it and you may get success to restore your mental peace.

Be Happy – Experience Your Self.