Fascinating Facts About Slots that you don’t know

Fascinating Facts About Slots that you don’t know
Fascinating Facts About Slots that you don’t know

Fascinating Facts About Slots that you don’t know : We all take online jackpot slots for granted these days and this is mainly because they can be accessed 24/7 online and there are hundreds to choose from that can be played at a click of a button.

Life hasn’t always been such plain sailing for online jackpot slots players and these games have had to navigate through choppy waters to get where they are today. The journey began in 1894 and has thrown up some fascinating facts that have passed most gamblers by.

The History of Slot Games

The history of slots began in the late 1800s when Bavarian-born inventor and mechanic Charles August Fey decided to unleash a new form of gambling entertainment upon the American public. From his base in San Francisco Fey hand-made the Liberty Bell slot machine. The symbols were mostly playing card faces and lucky charms, but the top paying symbol was the bell from the title. It is Fey himself who is behind some fascinating slot facts that few people are aware of.

Fey failed to copyright his idea and when his slot was released, others copied or bettered his original design. This failure to patent his game created a slot boom in the early 1900s and thousands of slot machines were produced.

Slot Bans Fruit Machines and Acts of God and

In 1902 slots and gambling were banned in America and few would have envisaged that a slot ban could give birth to the world-famous fruit machine. When the gambling ban began to bite, slot makers decided to keep their creations alive, by turning them into sweet vending machines. For this to be made possible, all gambling iconographies had to be removed and replace with non-gambling symbols. To appeal to a family audience, card faces were replaced with colourful fruits and prizes were sweets and gum instead of cash. However, when the gambling ban was lifted, the fruits remained on the reels and became part of the reinstated gambling machines, and these became known as fruit machines.

With regards to Fey’s Liberty Bell slot machine, fate had another go at wiping this creation out, and this time during April 1906, it came in the form of a huge earthquake that destroyed much of San Francisco. The factory where Fey built the Liberty Bell was levelled and only a handful survived this act of God. This was the bumpiest part of the history of slots, but to their credit, they bounced back and created many more fascinating facts.

Modern Slot Gaming

Before slots reached the virtual world, they spent decades being controlled by the mob in gambling hotspots such as Las Vegas. It wasn’t until the late 1980s that this particular resort finally cleaned up its act and banished mob rule.

Today the gambling industry is far more respectable and mainstream, but slots continue to churn out fascinating facts, such as having created several millionaires’ courtesy of progressive jackpots and being the number one gambling revenue creators in the modern gambling world.




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Fascinating Facts About Slots that you don’t know

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