Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

You probably know that the best long-term weight loss plans are based on regular exercise and moderately calorie-reduced balanced diets. When you have a hot date or an important job interview and you can’t fit in your favourite outfit, gradual and sensible is not good enough. You need something that will knock off inches fast. The ten tips below are designed to save (or at least, shrink) your butt in those extra-five-pound emergencies.

1. Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day

Water is a natural diuretic, and the more you drink, the less you retain. A sparkling mineral water with a twist of lime or lemon is refreshing, filling, and non-caloric.

2. Negative caloric balance

Еxpending more calories than you ingest is the only absolutely proven way to lose weight. There are 3,500 calories in one pound of body weight. To lose five pounds, or 17,500 calories, in two weeks, you’ll need a daily calorie deficit of 1,250. Try eating 500 fewer calories, and adding 750 calories worth of exercise.

3. Long term weight loss

High protein diets, which restrict both fat and carbohydrates, are effective and safe for short term weight loss. Emphasize lean chicken breasts, egg whites, chicken broth, and skim milk, with a few green vegetables like celery and lettuce. Don’t stay on these diets for more than a week or two, as they are lacking in many essential nutrients.

4. Be vigilant about sweet drinks

Save over 100 calories by asking for unsweetened iced tea with real lemon rather than sweetened flavoured tea. Make your own iced coffee by pouring coffee over ice and garnishing with cinnamon. Skip the 120 calorie fruit juice in favour of a twist of citrus fruit in water.

5. Watch out for garnishes and dressings

A baked potato with broccoli is a perfect diet lunch, but cheese sauce, butter, or sour cream will go straight to your hips. Dressings may triple the caloric content of a salad; stick with balsamic vinegar or lemon juice instead.

6. Cooking for yourself

Save money and calories by cooking for yourself rather than eating out.

7. Resistance exercise burns calories and builds muscles

A supervised program of lifting heavy weights will make you firmer as well as thinner.

8. Fun exercises

Avoid exercise boredom by going for long walks or bike rides, joining a pick-up basketball game, or trying rock-climbing or sea kayaking. You’ll exercise more if you’re having fun.

9. Every little bit counts

Walk up stairs rather than taking elevators. Park as far from stores as possible. Jog in place while waiting for the microwave to beep or peddle a stationary bike while watching TV. Fidget or do leg and butt exercises at your desk at work.

10. Dance the night away

An energetic night of clubbing can burn lots of calories. Just make sure to skip the fattening alcoholic drinks and snacks, and stick with mineral water.


Fastest Ways to Lose Weight