Faux Stone Ideas for Your Backyard Gazebo

Faux Stone Ideas for Your Backyard Gazebo : Are you looking for new ideas to give your backyard gazebo a fresh look? Instead of slapping a new coat of paint on the gazebo, you can give it a little more character by installing faux stone. The classic and timeless look that stone tends to bring to anything can make your gazebo stand out.

Natural stone is expensive and takes a professional mason to install, which is why faux stone is the perfect solution. There are a few ways that you can use faux stone to upgrade your backyard gazebo to give it some character, which we will look at here.

Why Faux Stone for Gazebos?

Faux stone has the looks and beauty of natural stone but without the costs, weight, or extended construction timelines. You can find faux stone in many color options so that you can find one that works with the color scheme of your gazebo and the rest of your backyard décor. It is also something that can be installed easily in a single weekend, making it perfect for any DIYer. If your gazebo pillars cannot handle having too much weight added to them, faux stone is perfect for them since it is significantly lighter than its natural counterpart.

Faux Stone Gazebo Skirting

One easy and beautiful way that you can incorporate faux stone into your gazebo is with a skirting project. The skirting designs on many structures are outdated, including on gazebos. That area is also the most likely to take wear and tear damage over time, so redoing it can really improve the look of your gazebo.

Gazebo Pillar Wainscoting

A fun and unique gazebo project to do with faux stone is to complete a wainscoting project. Wainscoting is the bottom half of the pillars, leaving the top half as it is. Faux stone is perfect for this because it will not add the bulk to the pillars that natural stone would, and it is light enough that it will not weigh anything down.

Cover the Pillars

If you do not like the look of wainscoting, you can instead cover your entire pillar in faux stone. This is just as easy as only doing the wainscoting, but covering the entire pillar of your backyard gazebo will completely transform it and give it a fresh new look.

Line the Benches

If you have built-in bench seating in your gazebo, you can install faux stone along the bottom of it. This is another instance of the faux stone giving you the look without the bulk. Installing natural stone to line your bench seating would make it stick out too much and be awkward to sit on.

Install Faux Stone Around the Walls

You can also line the walls, both inside and out, with faux stone easily. If you are lining your bench seating with faux stone, you can give it a better look of continuity by lining the entire thing with faux stone.

Stair Risers

The stair riser is the front part of the step that you do not step on, and it is a feature that is often ignored. Instead of ignoring it, you can install faux stone on those stair risers to give them a beautiful personal touch.



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Faux Stone Ideas for Your Backyard Gazebo