Feel Pleasure In Living With People

As soon as mankind learnt some sociality, there started formation of groups of people living together. With the passage of time, discoveries and inventions took place. The number of people began to go up with the demands as well. Whereas the civilization advanced, greed and jealousy also took birth and today, the most difficult thing to do is to live in peace and harmony with people. It is, perhaps, easier to live with birds and animals. Why is living with people a problem? Our own interests or selfishness put up all the problems. We may try to serve our interests but fairly.

We find it difficult to live with people because we have too many expectations of them. If I expect something of another, that person may also expect something of me. Furthermore, I am unable to fulfill my own expectations of myself. I want to do so many things, but I am unable to do them. Thus, we feel disappointed and frustrated with ourselves and more aggrieved or upset with others when they fail to satisfy our expectations. Thinking “Don’t try to change me. Accept me as I am” is deterrent to the change in our attitude and leads us to further divisions in our society. We do not wish to live with other people if our interests are not served. Is it not too narrow thinking? Others too might be thinking alike.

We all know that fire is hot and we accept that fact. If we are burnt by touching fire, we can not blame it. It would be our negligence. If a whole house is burnt down, then again we won’t condemn fire. Instead, we take account of other factors. But would accept fire as it is. Undeniably, its place is not rejected. We have to live with people.

Similarly, we accept the coolness of ice, the beauty of flowers, fruits, trees and plants. Again, if we are admiring a beautiful, full moon and someone else comes and starts appreciating it, we don’t say, “Why are you looking at my moon? You have no right to see it!” There is no sense of ownership, no possessiveness; theses are natural matters.

A wise person moves everywhere with love and affection. Like the wind blowing freely, he does not get attached to anything. He accepts all. Sometimes people behave nicely, sometimes they don’t. This neither elates nor depresses the wise person. “Such a man of wisdom lives with his senses under control, free from personal likes and dislikes, and therefore, enjoys every object, place, situation and person”. We must understand the message clearly and completely. The message is that one should accept the fact as it is. Then if a change is necessary, we must try to make that change, but do not insist on it. We can live with people.

Every one wishes his/her child to perform well and excel whether in sports or in studies. what is wrong with that? But, to expect something that may not be possible from the child to do, and unnecessarily application of pressure and force may cause frustration to all. An artistically inclined child with no aptitude for commerce should not be forced into the family business. Expectations should be reasonable and based on knowledge and wisdom. It applies to other mature people also. We should think this aspect also.

We must grant liberty to others too, as much we wish for ourselves. Liberty can be termed as freedom of speech, freedom of work, freedom of religion and all those privileges which a member of civilized society deserves. We should give space to people. If you love a bird, you can not expect it to be happy in your cage. It is not possible for a person to feel your love heartedly if you confine him/her within your own boundaries. You will have to listen to the heart-beat of that person also. We can live with other people. If we learn to live with other people, we can ensure and share industrial and economic prosperity proper health, proper education, pollution free atmosphere, a sound vision for future, relief of mental stress to all with harmony and peace amongst the persons living not around us but even in far-flung areas. We can make this earth heaven for the mankind and other species. We must feel pleasure in Living with people. God too has cherished us for this!

Be Happy – Feel Pleasure In Living With People