Female Orgasm & the Art of Targeting the G-Spot

Female Orgasm & the Art of Targeting the G-Spot
Female Orgasm & the Art of Targeting the G-Spot

Female Orgasm & the Art of Targeting the G-Spot : Well, this is a fantastic topic for conversation. In fact, it’s so good that it can shift everything, a real game changer and for many reasons actually. Yes, the blessed female orgasm is neat really. And in this article, we’re going to discuss the benefits and the g-spot orgasm, specifically. So if you feel like getting it on, you’ll understand why it’s the perfect addition to your regime and how you might best achieve it.

The benefits of orgasm are great…

Even dated statistics show; no matter how single or married a woman is, chances are very likely that she is most likely to own a vibrator at some point in her life, and if not, she’ll hopefully have a friend or partner to help her out, or she might go solo without a toy.

The benefits of orgasm are great
The benefits of orgasm are great

The benefits are quite astonishing actually. So what are they exactly? We’ve found 5 great reasons for you to do the deed:

  1. Helps you sleep better
    When you orgasm, your body releases a range of awesome chemicals, including oxytocin, nor epinephrine, vasopressin, prolactin, and serotonin.
  2. Combats stress
    Each time you have that crescendo, the chemicals released help to relieve stress and place your body in a state of calm. You can thank the feel-good chemical known as oxytocin.
  3. Reduces risk of heart attacks
    These blessed chemicals cause a reduction in stress levels, which means that blood pressure is lowered and so the heart’s load is lessened too.
  4. Glowing skin
    Yes, again it’s the chemicals released which promote a soothing response, and this is seen in the skin. So rethink your next set of night creams and maybe just have an orgasm instead.
  5. Strengthens the immune system
    Less stress means a better immune response, and so what better way to help it along than by achieving a release.

The g-spot orgasm is deeper than most…

So what is the g-spot actually? Is it a myth? No, it’s the real deal in fact, and it’s located about one to three inches inside of the front vaginal wall (see diagram above). In fact, it’s relatively easy for a partner to target this area, or a vibrator which is made for this exact purpose. Yes, they make g-spot vibrators so you can have a deeper, more simulated orgasm which feels similar to intercourse, but might be even better. Actually, these nerves are very reactive to stimulation and won’t feel as full-on as the clitoral type of orgasm, but might last a little while longer when you hit that wonderful sweet spot. So let’s take a look at a couple of different vibrators in our next section.

  1. The bullet vibrator:

    The bullet vibrator
    The bullet vibrator

    A household/bedside magician for many and it suits shared or solo use wonderfully well. It’s less likely to target the g-spot but it can aid if pushed at the right angle and speed.

  2. The g-spot vibrator:

    The g-spot vibrator
    The g-spot vibrator

    The perfect way to target that hard-to-reach area and it’ll get right where you most expect it. Aha, and that’s the point here, right?

G-spot vibrators are super easy to use; especially once you get the hang of them. They come in various shapes and sizes but all are designed to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings that reside inside the front wall of the vagina.

Usually featuring a curvier tip, g-spot vibrators can be used whether you’re going solo or having an adventure with a partner. So yes, purchasing a few different types might be fun too. There are different g-spot vibrators available, and their size, shape and features will differ, depending upon the brand and style you choose to buy.

The best tip here is; you can buy more than one, and then you’ll have the most fun trying each of them out for comparison. And remember the benefits of the female orgasm we spoke about above? Mhm, you might want to get a lock on your bedroom door for added privacy, or (in the case of waterproof ones) that ‘bathroom tub time’ might take a little longer than expected. But it’s totally fine because stress relief is part of day to day body maintenance. Well, maybe not every day, but there’s no harm if you want to. Science proves that it’s good for you! And we just love science…


Most of us gals will be shy to give the epic advice or specially-formulated diagram to a trusted partner or lover. You know, the blueprint of what’s actually required in one of our orgasms. But if you can introduce that one thing; that exciting helping hand or toy that you know makes you blush, then there’s the addition of having an adventure in the bedroom (as well as an orgasm).

And what makes you have your final moment might be a combination of things, from intercourse to toy usage, or even fun foreplay where your partner can give additional ‘maintenance’ so you can relax and finish without having to move a muscle. But whatever you try, just know that orgasms can be achieved when you feel comfortable and when have a great space to enjoy them in. It might be time to knock off work now…







Female Orgasm & the Art of Targeting the G-Spot