Fitness Guide: The Must-Have Starter Pack in 2021

Fitness Guide: The Must-Have Starter Pack in 2021
Fitness Guide: The Must-Have Starter Pack in 2021

Fitness Guide: The Must-Have Starter Pack in 2021 : We are finally at the end most of the year 2020, which is also known as the start of a decade. Since quarantine started this year, we were out of shape due to a lack of physical activities and exercise. There were a few who able to find the motivation to workout at home. But for most and the rest of the year, we have done nothing aside from sleeping, being on social media, playing games, or binge-watch at Netflix.

However, for some reason, the idea of entering a brand new year gives us the motivation to start something new. It could be a habit, mindset, or belief. And it is not new that many will definitely start exercising again when the year 2021 is here.

The problem is many will quit over time, and the reason is that they lost the motivation once again.

How do we thrive to reach our fitness goal? What should be the best practice to achieve a fit lifestyle in 2021?

Based on professional experience, it has something to do with your preparation before you finally start getting fit. The solution to this problem is to get the best fitness starter pack that is all available at

Here, we will guide you through the starter pack for the fitness fanatics. We believed that if you equipped yourself with the proper gear, equipment, and accessories, then you will always find the motivation to fulfill your fitness goal.

Here are the best fitness starter packs in 2021:

  1. Best Stairmaster

    Let us start with fitness equipment, and one of the best choices is the Stairmaster. Since we have been idling for many months during the pandemic, we need to start with a simple exercise.

    This equipment will surely help you start with the standard exercise, namely walking and jogging. Now, you do not have to worry about putting a mask on to go for a morning walk/jog exercise. You can now achieve it at home.

  2. Assault Bike

    This fitness equipment is an alternative option if you prefer cycling exercise over walking and jogging. Similar to the first starter pack we presented, the assault bike will help you with doing a standard fitness lifestyle.

  3. Best Rowing Machines

    Now that we settled on the best fitness equipment for the lower body, the next starter pack is for establishing a fitted upper body.

    Rowing machines are very efficient in building the muscle group in your body to keep a good balance stature.

  4. Best Weight Bench

    The weight bench is also alternative fitness equipment that is excellent in building your body muscles.

  5. Best Blood Pressure Monitor

    One of the necessary healthy lifestyles we must develop is keeping the blood pressure in check. If you gained weight during the quarantine, it would be best that you always monitor your blood pressure while trying to get fit.

  6. Best Vibration Plate

    The vibration plate will be an essential part of your fitness goal. You would need this equipment to help your body and muscles recover from the extensive exercise. With the help of a vibration plate, you will not drain all your energy that causes over fatigue and sickness.

  7. Workout attire and accessories

    Even if you are doing all the fitness drill at home, you would want to wear proper fitness attire. Aside from it will make you feel motivated at all times, you will be able to execute the drill comfortably.

    Here are some of the best workout attires at home:

    • Armhole tank
    • Gym shorts
    • Compression tights under a pair of shorts
    • Loose and comfortable shirts–preferably fitted fabric that absorbed sweat
    • Running Shoes

      Additionally, you would want to get a yoga mat, a fitness watch for tracking purposes, elbow and knee pads for protection if you fall to a rough surface.

  8. Best HiFi System

    The last in our least is also a must-have to help you keep motivated in your fitness goal. And that is adding the best sound system at home.

    As much as you could use an over the headphone, research shows that you could exercise efficiently using a sound system. It will make you more engaged with physical activities because you do not have to worry about preventing the headphone from falling. In other words, it is best to limit distractions when exercising.

    Honorable mentions:

    • Best Squat Stand
    • Best Massage Chair
    • Best Dumbbell Set
    • Treadmill
    • Cross Trainer
    • Betron earphones



The year 2020 may not be the best start of the new decade. However, it should not prevent us from developing a healthy lifestyle.

Setting a fitness goal in 2021 is the ideal start. Finally, the outcome should not be about building the best body but starting a new life and forgetting what happened in the past (the pandemic year).







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Fitness Guide: The Must-Have Starter Pack in 2021

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