Fix Up Tougher Goals For Progress

Once again, I am discussing over the importance of aim of life. In my repeated endeavors to find out the truth of life, I found that life becomes interestless, boring, dull as soon I am getting it smooth. No life if there is no struggle. God has kindly given us resources to live on but not on a platter. You have to find out, dig out, cook it, earn it, process it and modify it according to your choices. You have to make efforts for making the resources useful.

In my childhood, my dad used to tell me stories of his experiences, one amongst them about the day when the auto manufacturers were introducing new models of cars and bikes. That day, people used to rush to the showrooms as such they were going to some fair. Dealers used to sell out more cars that day than the whole month before. There wasn’t anything like that excitement, I’ve been told. But today, new models hardly get noticed. At least not the way they used to. Why? Because there is so much more trying to grab our attention today. Because billions of dollars are spent by companies in the entire world’s industries studying what makes us buy or not buy things.

They are learning how to target us more effectively. I mean, at every turn everything we could ever want, as a consumer, is being promoted to us. New slogans, new jingles, new advertisements, discounts, gifts, special schemes etc. “Get me!” “All your friends have me.” “You deserve to have me now!” The marketing noise is deafening. And it works. It makes us want what’s being sold… right now.

In fact, it makes us want to have EVERYTHING now. “Why does THAT person get to have that car, those clothes, that girl friend, that job, that grade, those sneakers when I’m stuck with lesser.” “I deserve to have it now.” “Let’s have that money, that bottle, that shirt, that car, his girl friend.” “Life’s not fair.” Yes, life’s not always fair. But that’s life.

Life’s too short to work so hard to be thin, to be financially secure, to follow rules, to get good grades, to… Too often, depression and anxiety is a result of false expectations of what life “should” be. So, in the areas of life that you want to change, you need concrete goals or you’ll always get the usual crap.

Did you ever meet anyone who lost 50 pounds or more unless they had the goal to do so? If there is no goal… you can not expect any achievement. How about building a multi-million dollar company without some clear daily and long-term goals? Does anyone get straight A’s without the goal to do so first?

Let me be as clear about this as I can be…You can get along, get some halfway decent grades, maybe rise up in your company just by showing up, get married, have kids and have a fairly average life without clear goals. I mean, if you’re typical you’ve gotten where you are now without setting and achieving any REALLY challenging benchmarks for yourself in any area of life. If you’re typical and honest with yourself, you’ll likely agree. Because it can happen by chance and it can not be repeated all the times.

I think you can see now that committing to a clearly defined goal is critical to getting what you really want. Especially with all of life’s distractions, and the constant pressures to believe that our successes must happen NOW.

Do you want energy? Set some goals in any area of life you want and commit to it like you’ve never committed to anything before. This process will give you such a charge it will astound you.

If you are truly depressed because you are not able to pay off your liabilities like your insurance premium, house loan installments, tuition fee of your wards, requirements of your spouse, your parents, meetings basic needs etc., set a really challenging goal and work like you’ve never worked for anything else before. Make reaching this goal the most important thing. And I know this sounds too simple. Look, life isn’t as complicated as it feels sometime.

If I tell you my personal experience, you will take a little bit surprise. My life sucked in every way until I was nearly 25 years old. I was fired from a lot of minimum wage jobs and had to live in a single room with a number of my family members and my wife had been getting perturbed very frequently as a result. But I had a fixed goal and it turned around until I got super focused on one thing… keeping a job. When I focused on that almost exclusively, suddenly I started to get really good at it. Thereafter, I didn’t get fired either. Well, many huge goals later, and a good social status as recognized by my enemies also. And there are many other incredible things going on here.

And none of them would have ever come about without a committed focus to mastering one thing, then mastering another one thing, then… In all honesty, the most successful, wealthy, well known and yes, happiest people who ever lived totally mastered just a few things. That mastery in just a few areas of life gave them the freedoms and joy that few people will ever know. Why? Because few people want to work hard enough to master anything. Most don’t understand the implications of earning what they get.

Most don’t understand, until it’s often too late, that things that come too easy or that were dishonestly gained never stay around long.
Have you ever thought of bad luck. Your bad luck was never your bad luck, it was due to your Bad beliefs and Bad actions. And it doesn’t matter how big the gains are… You know! 90% of all million+ dollar lottery winners blow it all very quickly and spend the rest of their lives bitter and with nothing… But you won’t do because you’re going to set a big goal right now, take concrete steps toward reaching it and make decisions that will support you on your path to success.

Be Happy – fix up tougher goals and achieve success.