Foods to Avoid While Pregnant

Foods to Avoid While Pregnant : One can hardly avoid the list of foods to eat while pregnant. Grains, fruits, dairy, the list is so extensive that one begins to wonder if there are enough hours in the day to eat everything that is recommended. But what about food that you are to avoid? While not an exhaustive list, the following is a sampling of common foods that should be avoided during pregnancy.

Foods to Avoid While Pregnant

1. Certain types of fish, including shark, swordfish, albacore tuna and tilefish

They can contain high levels of mercury. This can result in severe damage to the nervous system, which can cause death.

2. Saccharine

It crosses the placenta and can build up in the fetus’s bladder and cause a range of problems up to and including bladder cancer.

3. Liver

This food contains a high level of vitamin A. Too much vitamin A can cause birth defects.

4. Variety meats

Hot dogs and deli meats can contain listeria, a bacteria that can cause illness resulting in miscarriage, premature delivery, fetal infection, and stillbirth.

5. Pre-packaged salads

These can also be a carrier of listeria. There have also been increasing accounts of these greens being tainted with the e-coli bacteria.

Pregnant women today have many wonderful food choices. Every bite you take is essential to your baby’s health. Consult with your doctor for a complete list of foods to be avoided.


Foods to Avoid While Pregnant