Foods to Eat to Increase Your Iron Intake

Iron is an essential nutrient that carries oxygen through the blood to the rest internal organs of the body. Iron deficiency can cause weakness, fatigue and even anemia. Luckily, there are certain foods we can eat to boost our iron intake. These foods are particularly essential for women since they lose blood monthly during menstruation. While a blood test can help you find out if your iron levels are low, consuming iron-rich foods will certainly give you some boost. So, if you are looking to increase your iron intake, here are a few delicious foods you should incorporate into your daily diet.

1. Oysters

Although you can’t eat oysters every day, it’s worth eating them every now and then. 3 ounces of oysters have more than 30 percent of your recommended daily iron needs. In case you can’t find fresh oysters, you can use canned oysters in a seafood taco or pasta sauce. Canned oysters are also high in iron, therefore they can help increase your iron levels.

2. Spinach

If you are trying to get more iron, make sure you add spinach to your daily diet. Spinach boasts numerous health benefits, so why not reap them all while increasing your iron intake? You can use spinach in your salads, vegetable soups, smoothies or just pile it on your sandwich. Have you ever tried sautéed spinach? It’s a super tasty side dish that you can serve with fish or chicken. Spinach has over 10 percent of your recommended daily iron needs.

3. Beef

Another delicious food to eat to increase your iron intake, of course, if you are not a vegetarian, is beef. 3 ounces of beef have about a quarter of your recommended daily iron needs. Opt for ground beef or lean steaks to keep your calorie and saturated fat intake under control. After all, what can be better than a juicy, thick grilled steak? Though, you can also add beef to burritos, stews or salads.

4. Tuna

One of the easiest choices for a quick and tasty lunch is definitely canned tuna. I like canned tuna on whole grain crackers or whole grain bread with sliced vegetables and fruits on the side. Enjoy your lunch and increase your iron intake at the same time. Perhaps the best thing about canned tuna is that it’s inexpensive, so everyone can add it to their everyday eating plan. You can add tuna to your pasta or salad. Stock up and boost your iron levels in no time.

5. Cereal

If you don’t like eating meat, consuming cereal is one of the best ways to increase your iron intake. In many cases, cereal contains your entire day’s recommended iron intake in just one serving. Although cereal makes a good breakfast, you can eat it for dinner too. I also like using cereal in my trail mix.

6. Crab

When I go out for seafood, I love having a huge plate of crab legs. I know that I do myself a favor by eating them. Crab is an excellent source of iron. Although a plate of crab legs will not meet your entire day’s recommended iron intake, they definitely contribute. Tasty and healthy, isn’t it?

7. Chicken

If you prefer chicken over beef, then try to add it to your diet to increase your iron intake. Chicken is not as rich in iron as beef, but it can still help you to boost your iron levels. Dark meat like the thigh contains a bit more iron than the white meat like the chicken’s breast. But if you keep your calorie and fat intake low, choose the whiter meat. You can use chicken in your soups, salads, tacos, wraps and burritos, or eat it grilled.

8. Nuts and seeds

If you are a vegetarian and you are trying to boost your iron intake, nuts and seeds are a must. They are rich in natural fats and are high in iron. Pine nuts and sesame seeds have the highest levels of iron. A handful of seeds or nuts, especially on a busy day, is a wonderful way to fuel your body and get your iron.

Shrimp, dried fruit, grits, molasses, beans, tofu, lentils, bread, and pork are other excellent sources of iron. It’s important to watch your iron intake in order to avoid numerous health issues. What’s your favorite way to increase your iron intake?